Visitor management systems

Deliver the right first impression and manage staff and contractor presence with ease. 

An effective visitor management system will speed up the sign-in process, streamline administration, improve site security and ensure that you comply with personal data requirements as part of GDPR.

Options for digital self-registration and ID badge printing create a professional, modern experience, and in unstaffed receptions significantly improve the visitor welcome.

Onsite safety is an essential consideration for organisations. The use of a digital sign-in system provides the opportunity to communicate key site safety details automatically as part of the sign-in process. Visitors can also be required to sign digitally, to confirm their understanding of the information provided.

Many of the systems we offer, also enable an instant notification to be sent via SMS or email to the visitor’s host, letting them know their guest is ready to be collected once the sign-in is complete. 

There are options for stand-alone systems or fully integrated solutions that extend to encompass room and desk booking and wayfinding functionality; the ability to view and book workspaces a helpful tool supporting better workplace productivity. 

If you're ready to bring visitor management systems into your organisation, please contact our team of experts to discuss your requirements further. 

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Key features

The value of visitor management

• Quick, efficient and reduces the time taken to sign in and sign out.

• A fully digital process from meeting invite to notification of visitor arrival.

• Touch-free options in response to heightened hygiene measures.

• Pre-book visitors and provide a custom message on arrival.

• Improved security through digital visitor badge with photo ID.

• Support GDPR compliance and safeguard data privacy.

Why choose Pure AV as your visitor management integrator

Pure AV are an award winning audio visual integrator specialising in agile workspaces, collaboration and communication solutions. Since 2003, we have worked closely with leading organisations across the globe, enabling them to connect, collaborate and create effectively.

In a technology-centric world, our dedicated team of system designers, engineers and sales specialists are here to ensure you maximise efficiency, reliability, engagement and communication through the power of AV technologies.

We have helped universities, healthcare, museums, the public sector and blue chip companies stay connected through the integration of future-proof visitor management and sign in systems. Our wide network of manufacturing partners means we don't just offer a one-size fits all solution. We find the right solution for you.

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