Keele University Horwood Energy Centre

Keele University Audio Visual Case Study
Pure AV were a pleasure to work with throughout this project. They co-ordinated activity with Wyrestorm and our Networks team to deliver a flexible, futureproof solution that brings real value to students and visitors alike.

- Matt Boulton, Senior Technician, Audio Visual Services, Keele University

The Horwood Energy Centre at Keele University houses the Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND). A facility used by Central and Local Government, research communities, the energy industry, independent business and local communities to test and evaluate new and evolving energy technologies.

The building includes a dedicated on-site learning space, complete with a presentation area, hot desk seating and a video conferencing enabled meeting room.


The Solution

A key requirement of the audio visual solution was to create an impressive presentation space for all users, including postgraduates and visiting speakers.

The system needed to be easy to use, have a simple user interface, and enable content deployment from a separate control room. To meet this requirement, a Wyrestorm AV over IP system has been installed, enabling content to be displayed on a 2x2 video wall.

4 repeater screens, complete with AV over IP receivers were also added at postgraduate hot desks to enable the same content to be relayed to the screens upon request.

Housed on a Top-Tec Explorer lectern, the AV control is provided by an Extron touchpanel. The audio solution includes a radio microphone, an amplifier and a number of wall and ceiling mounted speakers.

A small meeting room was also implemented later in the project which houses an interactive screen and a video conferencing system.


The Benefits

From a student perspective, the AV has contributed towards an excellent modern learning space. The hot desks have been well-received by postgraduate and research students, and are being put to use for relaying the video wall content.

The video wall has made a great impact when visitors enter the space and the Wyrestorm AV over IP solution has created a quick and easy way to view and access key information from the demonstrator.

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