Hotel Tech Live: a wealth of technology to enhance the visitor experience.

The team at Pure AV spent an enjoyable couple of days showcasing meeting room and signage solutions at this year's Hotel Tech Live exhibition.

The two day event combined seminar, panel debate and exhibition to allow visitors from the hotel and hospitality sector to explore the latest technology, tools and techniques available to help them create a unique hotel experience to attract and delight their guests.

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To everyone that took the time to visit the Pure AV stand, thank-you, it was fantastic to meet with so many of you and we look forward to continuing the conversations in the weeks ahead.

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Our Solutions

A leading audio visual solutions provider, at Pure AV we offer a full range of services from consultation and design through to integration and support. We work in partnership with our suppliers and clients to create impactful, reliable and easy to manage audio-visual systems.

From striking and informative signage to flexible meeting and conference equipment, to in room AV solutions; Pure AV can help you use the latest audio and visual technology to enhance the experience of your leisure and corporate guests.

Easy Conferencing

We create meeting room solutions that are quick to deploy, easy to use and provide corporate guests with the technology to help them get the most out of the meetings they hold at your venue.

The ability for clients to start meetings quickly and utilise their own devices without fuss ensures an excellent customer experience. And with minimal intervention required from hotel staff, room availability is maximised, and staffing costs kept low.

Pure AV will help you create flexible meeting spaces with easy to use technology that enables rooms to be turned around quickly and ensures that you maximise revenue from your meeting room estate.

Pure AV has helped many hotel and conference venues to specify and implement meeting room facilities that add value to the guest experience. Contact the team at Pure AV to find out more.

Dynamic Digital signage

Digital signage is a useful communication and sales tool for the hotel sector. With signage, you can inform guests of amenities, promote activities and offers, and display live news and travel information in public areas.

The introduction of touch screens and kiosks and the latest mobile communications technology allows guests to personalise the information they receive, while offering you targeted advertising opportunities and the chance to learn much more about the visitors to your hotel.

The wide range of sizes and styles available today, including products like the Samsung mirror displays, creates the opportunity for creative installation. From simple, single screen wall mounting to striking video walls, Pure AV can help you deploy digital signage to complement and enhance the aesthetics of transition, recreational and communal areas.

Contact the team at Pure AV for more information on signage and kiosk options.

Multipurpose spaces

Turn any space into a meeting room with mobile conferencing and presentation solutions.

Wedding reception one day, business conference the next, one big room in the morning, three smaller break-out rooms in the afternoon. We understand that the usage and configuration of rooms within the hotel sector are many and varied. This means technology implemented within those spaces also needs to be flexible, scalable and easy to deploy.

Mobile solutions open up the potential to turn any space into a meeting room. A mix of both built-in and mobile technology with simple room control will create a truly multipurpose space able to appeal to a wide range of customers and budgets.

We can help you develop spaces to be used as a blank canvas for those with the budget to bring in specialist event and hire companies but also cater for organisations with a smaller budget seeking good quality, basic AV to support their meeting activity.

Contact the Pure AV team for more information.

Room Booking

Today's room booking systems offer much more than just a meeting name and room number.

We can help you build solutions that interact with back-end room booking systems and generate additional opportunities for information and promotion when not in use as a room booking signage.

Contact us to discuss the different options available.

In-room Infotainment

Samsung Hospitality Screens

A hotel room TV is the centerpiece of in-room entertainment, as well as being one of the first eye-catching elements a guest sees when walking into a room.

Guests are familiar with the latest display technology, and hotels lagging behind will definitely have a negative impact on guest expectations of hotel luxury.

To offer an enhanced in-room experience, Samsung guest room TVs are used as portals offering welcome messages, as well as informing guests of other useful information during their stay.

To accommodate multiple digital gadgets carried by guests when traveling, many hotels provide a means to easily integrate the devices with in-room entertainment, not just the convenience of charging their power-hungry devices.

Samsung’s HE890U 4K displays elevate the guest experience by serving as an in-room, multi-device entertainment hub equipped with a host of customised viewing features. The displays’ integrated Software Access Point (Soft AP) functionality supports up to four mobile devices within a two-meter range. Once connected, guests can transfer personal content, including music, movies and photos, from their mobile devices for viewing on the larger display screen.

Conversely, Smart View TV-to-mobile transferability enables guests to clearly view TV content on their mobile devices.

Upgrading existing room systems with Tripleplay

With solutions deployed across the world in over 50,000 hotel rooms and within student accommodation, care homes, executive suites and mine camps, Tripleplay has built up a wealth of experience in delivering IPTV and Video on Demand services, with their platform delivering a wide array of market leading features.

As well as the usual in-room TV solution offerings such as wake up calls, live news and weather, local information and Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) Tripleplay also offer a number of other options including:

  • Multiple customizable themes
  • Live TV from multiple regions and sources.
  • Video on Demand and DRM.
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) and Bring your own content (BYOC).
  • Smart TV integration, meaning no STB required.
  • Use of SmartTV apps within our portal.
  • Integration with most popular Property Management Systems (PMS).
  • Integrated Digital Signage platform.