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With interactive flat panels becoming more affordable at ever increasing sizes, there is temptation to move away from the traditional projector setup and select flat panels by default, even though projection could offer a better solution.

As Epson explains, projection can offer an alternative bright, clear display without the need to compromise on size.

Why Projection?

Achieving the optimum display, with the correct visibility, is critical to getting the most from your meetings or teaching sessions. It means creating a clear and comfortable viewing experience for all participants, including those furthest away from the screen.


According to the Snellen eye sight test, to make an image appear the same size when it is twice as far away, it needs to be twice as tall, or four times the size in area.

One of the advantages of Epson projectors is that they offer a scalable screen size, to meet the varying requirements of rooms of all sizes as well as providing the technology to allow for a truly engaging and collaborative user experience.

Advanced interactive solution

With Epson's interactive solutions, presenters are given the freedom to create digital learning experiences that promote participation and effective learning.

Create an environment where where colleagues or students get a perfect view, can make on-screen contributions and even take part using their own smart devices.

Whether in the boardroom or classroom, new technological advances make it easy to display and edit a wide range of content. Annotate presentations in real time, write, draw and add comments and answers directly onto the screen, as well as saving and sharing collaborative work.

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