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Experience superior quality audio and video with Logitech's range of video conferencing and collaboration solutions.

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Tailor-made video conferencing systems for your meeting spaces

Logitech Video Collaboration Systems for Huddle Rooms

Huddle rooms

Huddle spaces are great for small groups. They offer simple connectivity and often include a single display and a video bar.


Logitech Video Collaboration Systems for Conference Rooms

Conference rooms

A larger meeting space, the conference room can include additional displays, microphones and speakers for enhanced clarity.


Logitech Video Collaboration Systems for the Boardroom


High profile spaces equipped with PTZ camera, table or ceiling-mounted microphones to create a premium video and audio experience.


Any communication platform, but the same great experience

Logitech's range of video collaboration systems are extremely flexible. Whether you're looking for native room support, or a bring your own device (BYOD) solution, there's a room system to suit any meeting space or use-case.

Microsoft Teams


Google Meet


Logitech Tap System for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet

Logitech Tap

The Logitech Tap is an easy to use, touch-enabled system designed for meeting rooms of all shapes and sizes.

Control your meetings with a single 'tap' and get your meetings started exactly when you need to, without hassle.

Whether you're a Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meet house, the Logitech Tap comes pre-loaded with your software of choice and provides you with those ever familiar interfaces that you're used to.

Out of the box, the Logitech Tap is a solution that really does have a valid place in any meeting room.

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Logitech Swytch

Turn your native spaces into flexible collaboration hubs with the Logitech Swytch.

Simply connect the Swytch to any laptop with a USB A or C port, launch your desired meeting platform, and instantly activate your in-room camera, microphones and soundbar. No dongles, no splitters, no HDMI required.

A perfect choice for rooms that require BYOD (bring your own device) functionality while retaining enterprise-grade audio and video. 

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Logitech Rally Bar

Logitech Rally Bar

Take video collaboration to the next level with the Logitech Rally Bar. The latest and most advanced offering from Logitech, the Rally Bar is a great choice for small and medium-sized meeting rooms.

Logitech have combined the simplicity of the popular MeetUp range with the crystal clear audio and video of the Rally (modular) system to create an all in one video bar providing outstanding quality and excellent optical accuracy up to 4k resolution.

With Microsoft Certification, a microphone pickup range of up to 15ft, AI viewfinder and low distortion speakers, the Rally Bar is the perfect accompaniment to any small or medium-sized meeting space.

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Logitech Rally Video Conference System

Logitech Rally (Modular System)

The Logitech Rally system is a modular video conferencing system perfect for any large meeting space. The placement of the camera, microphones and speakers really is as flexible as you can get, and can be placed in ways to get the best audio and visual experience in your spaces.

Consisting of a razor-sharp 360° PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera, high-quality wall-mounted speakers (with the option of adding additional ceiling speakers) and table microphones to provide enterprise-grade video collaboration experiences.

When paired with the Logitech Tap, or an alternative such as the Crestron Flex, the Logitech Rally system brings enterprise-grade video collaboration to your meeting spaces.

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Logitech Scribe

Sharing content from a whiteboard in the age of 'hybrid working' has been a pain point for many organisations. Until now.

The AI-driven Logitech Scribe camera takes content from your physical whiteboard and converts it into high-quality visuals that can be shared and deployed to both in-room and external meeting participants.

Compatible with physical whiteboards up to 6x4ft, and Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet (among many others) - the Logitech Scribe is a great choice for teams who need to collaborate effectively across different locations.

For more information about the Scribe, why not check out this Wainhouse report on the product.

New: Logitech Tap Scheduler

Meet in confidence with the assistance of the Logitech Tap Scheduler. The latest offering from Logitech, the Tap Scheduler is an intuitively simple room booking panel that allows users to book meeting rooms, whether ad-hoc or planned.

The Tap Scheduler is designed for easy viewing and usability, with a spacious screen and a sleek, unobtrusive profile. Count on Tap Scheduler for reliable performance with durable components that are built to last.

For more information about the Tap Scheduler, contact our team who will be more than happy to assist.

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