AV solutions for healthcare

Our solutions are designed to help healthcare professionals use technology to improve communication, maximise resources and achieve successful, cost-effective collaboration in the delivery of patient care.

NHS SBS approved, trusted by Healthcare

Our solutions help healthcare professionals benefit from digital transformation. We help Trusts use technology to improve communication and achieve successful, cost-effective collaboration in the delivery of patient care.

MDT and meeting rooms

Deploy secure video conferencing solutions for intuitive collaboration in your MDT and meeting spaces.

Clinical simulation suites

Use technology to create realistic medical environments with the ability to observe, review and feedback within a simulated setting.

Auditoriums and lecture theatres

Implement lecture theatre solutions that meet the challenging expectations of modern-day healthcare professionals and students.

Healthcare meeting room

Why the healthcare sector choose Pure AV

As one of the UK's leading audio visual integrators, our team deliver reliable audio visual systems for NHS Trusts across the UK.

Open and honest advice - We work closely with our customers to fully understand their expectations and requirements. We also pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity and aftersales care. 

Secure and reliable AV systems - Our comprehensive post-installation service is designed to keep your technology performing at its best.

Trusted partner to over 70 Trusts - We've worked with over 70 healthcare institutions and NHS trusts to deliver audio visual solutions that improve the collaboration experience.

Video Collaboration Solutions for Healthcare

Video conferencing solutions for the healthcare sector

From small meeting spaces to complex MDT rooms, video conferencing helps healthcare professionals share critical expertise and information. 

Microsoft Teams is now a critical collaboration tool within the NHS, but there are challenges to overcome when deploying it into established meeting spaces. You may have existing rooms without video capability or systems installed before the Microsoft Teams rollout, making it difficult for everyone to connect.

Whether you choose to standardise on Microsoft Teams, a specialist video conferencing service, or need to manage a mix of systems - we can help deliver a fast meeting start-up and seamless interoperability between systems.

Digital Signage Deployment in Healthcare

Keep visitors and patients well informed and reduce perceived wait times with digital signage. Display dynamic content alongside health awareness and other important messages about available services.

Choose from a range of solutions that are easy to update and maintain, helping you to deliver content intended to inform, entertain, and reduce anxiety.

Lecture Theatre in Healthcare

Education Solutions for Healthcare

Our experts understand that education is invaluable for preparing clinical staff for the challenges they will face working within the NHS and healthcare sectors.

Whether you require lecture theatre solutions, or clinical simulation suites, our team can deliver audio visual solutions to enrich staff development and practical skills training.

Simulation suites for healthcare

Healthcare Simulation Solutions

The use of medical simulation in the healthcare sector has revolutionised the way people learn, train, and grow.

With a well-planned audio visual system, healthcare professionals can actively participate in immersive training, and tackle many of the common challenges that people face in today's healthcare environments.

As the sole UK partner to Nordic Simulators, our range of solutions provide a modern and innovative way to make healthcare learning more efficient and effective.

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