Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust’s switch to digital signage saves time and money

We’ve found working with Pure AV and the NowSignage platform really beneficial. It delivers everything we wanted in terms of ease of use, we’ve already made significant savings in printing costs, and we’ve had great feedback from local users. From a communications perspective, it makes our job much more manageable and our messaging look so much more professional.

- Lindsay Hurst, Communications Manager, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust’s switch to digital signage saves time and money.

The Communications team at Pennine Care wanted to find a more efficient way to keep staff, visitors and patients informed and up to date on Trust news, guidance, and services. A task made even more critical by the advent of COVID-19 and a huge surge in the volume of time-sensitive communications.

The existing methods using printed posters, pull up banners, and screen savers on staff desktops were time-consuming to manage, involved significant print costs, and were failing to reliably reach around 40% of staff members who don’t use PCs as part of their role.

The Trust turned to Pure AV and NowSignage to help find a better way to manage communications and enable them to reach the 3,600 staff providing mental health and learning disability services across the Greater Manchester area.

The system would need to be centrally controlled, with multiple local administrators responsible for creating and updating localised messaging and content.


The Solution

The initial rollout included 51 screens across 17 locations using NowSignage software. The Trust’s Communications team approached staff at each site to confirm their requirement for a screen and commitment to update local content before determining the screen allocation.

The 43”, 49”, and 55” Philips displays are positioned in entrance areas, staff rooms, patient lounges, and waiting areas, offering a bright, engaging canvas for both corporate communications and localised content.

The Communications team uses the NowSignage platform to create and distribute centralised corporate content for display across the full network, complemented with local messages managed by local administrators. There are over 100 local administrators, each with tailored access rights which limit control to their screens and area of responsibility.

The granularity and ease of management of the NowSignage CMS was a critical factor in its selection. The ability to have multiple levels of access and permissions that are easy to set up and manage, along with intuitive content management, has been a key contributing factor to the rollout’s success.

The system empowers local staff to take control of the screen in their area; it keeps things simple for users, encouraging the creation of engaging content while offering reassurance to the central team, who maintain complete oversight of the content and running of the system.

As part of the rollout, each staff member received training on the software and has access to ongoing support from the Communications team, which can also call on NowSignage and Pure AV as required.


The Benefits

The remote access provided by the NowSignage CMS enables the Communications team to oversee usage, proactively respond to any issues and support local administrators without the need to visit the screen’s location. The software is proving popular and easy to use.

Administrators are finding it quick to update and are managing content with minimal support from the central team.

Savings on print are also mounting quickly, with the estimated reduction in print costs in the first six months’ usage in the thousands of pounds.

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