Video Conferencing Systems for Zoom Rooms

Our video conferencing solutions for Zoom Rooms are designed to enhance the virtual and hybrid meeting experience. With one-touch join, exceptional video quality, and crystal-clear audio, you can effortlessly bring your team together, and collaborate with ease.

Zoom Room video conferencing solutions

Bring the Native Zoom Experience to Your Meeting Spaces

As one of the UK's leading audio visual and unified communications specialists, our team are here to help you create Zoom Rooms that encourage best-in-class collaboration. Whether you need a system for a small, medium, or large conferencing space, our team are here to help.

Small-sized Zoom Rooms

Zoom Certified meeting room equipment

Our intuitively simple to use all-in-one video conferencing bars are certified for use with Zoom, making them the perfect choice for any small meeting room or huddle space.

Medium-sized Zoom Rooms

Zoom Certified meeting room equipment

Transform your medium-sized spaces into high-quality, native Zoom-based meeting and collaboration hubs and experience a smooth and seamless meeting experience, regardless of location.

Large Zoom Rooms

Zoom Certified meeting room equipment

Our solutions for large Zoom Room environments bring together a series of technologies to provide optimal audio and high-quality video across the entire space. All of which are Zoom certified.

Logitech Tap for Zoom Rooms

Why organisations need professional grade video conferencing systems for Zoom-based environments

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, effective communication and collaboration are essential for success. With the rise of remote work and virtual meetings, the need for reliable and efficient meeting room solutions has become a key requirement for many organisations.

To ensure meeting equity in the meeting space, it's important to implement video conferencing equipment that offers quality, simple engagement and scalability.

From all-in-one video bars, to modular-based systems, our team are here to help you choose the right combination of Zoom Room certified hardware for your spaces.

Zoom Rooms hardware integrations

Gain access to the latest Zoom certified hardware, ensuring a best-in-class collaboration experience

In order to achieve maximum performance, quality, and security in any Zoom Room, it's important to choose hardware that has obtained the official 'Zoom Certified Hardware' badge.

As one of the UK's leading audio visual integrators, we partner with a number of top-tier manufacturers, such as Yealink, Logitech, Neat, and Poly to ensure that you get the best possible Zoom certified ecosystem for your space and budgets.

Whether you have a preferred manufacturer or not, our team of experts are here to help you bring high quality meeting and collaboration technologies to spaces of any shape or size.

Logitech Rally Bar for Zoom Rooms

Why choose Pure AV for your Zoom meeting room systems

Pure AV are an award winning audio visual integrator specialising in agile workspaces, collaboration and communication solutions. Since 2003, we have worked closely with leading organisations across the globe, enabling them to connect, collaborate and create effectively.

We have helped universities, healthcare, museums, the public sector and blue chip organisations stay connected through the integration of future-proof video conferencing solutions. Our wide network of manufacturing partners means we don't just offer a one-size fits all solution. We find the right solution for you.

Case studies featuring meeting spaces

Are you ready to implement Zoom Rooms? Contact our experts to find out how we can help.