Interactive touchscreen displays

With the ever growing popularity of hybrid working, you can now support agile working by giving everyone the best seat at the table with our range of interactive displays.

Avocor intteractive display in a boardroom

The benefits of interactive displays

An alternative to the traditional flipchart

More than just a replacement for your pen and paper flip chart, the digital whiteboard makes collaboration easy. 

All-in-one solutions

Integrated into your meeting and learning spaces; interactive displays create a bridge between individual and group working.

Collaborate wherever you are

Support agile working and enable every participant to work together, regardless of location.

Interactive display at Cardinal Newman College

Why organisations are switching to interactive touchscreens

In recent years, the use of interactive displays in our workspaces has grown exponentially. Their value as a tool to bring people together to collaborate and share ideas is now widely recognised. A device once the reserve of classrooms has now found its place in our office and work environments.

Improvements in performance, reduction in price and increased choice of hardware has driven the popularity of this exciting technology. There are now interactive touchscreen solutions to meet the needs and budgets of almost any organisation.

Avocor interactive display in the huddle space

Interactivity to aid ad-hoc idea development and in-depth collaborative projects

Whether a walk up and use replacement for a flip chart, a fully integrated display in a boardroom or a shared digital canvas bringing together remote participants in a virtual workspace, interactive displays are a powerful device to support productive collaboration.

Increasingly integrated with communication platforms such as Teams and Zoom, the benefits of interactive displays can be experienced beyond the four walls of the meeting room to bring together participants to work productively from multiple locations. 

Interactive displays - intuitively simple GUI

Intuitively simple GUI and touch-free interactivity 

In situations, and at a time where touch is problematic, many display solutions offer the option to use of a stylus or ‘pen’, and there is rapid progress in the creation of surfaces that prevent the reproduction of bacteria, addressing concerns about the transfer of germs through shared devices. 

A selection of our interactive touchscreen partners

Why choose Pure AV as your interactive screen integrator

Pure AV are an award winning audio visual integrator specialising in agile workspaces, collaboration and communication solutions. Since 2003, we have worked closely with leading organisations across the globe, enabling them to connect, collaborate and create effectively.

We have helped hospitals, universities, museums, the public sector and blue chip companies stand out from the crowd through the integration of future-proof interactive screen solutions. Our wide network of manufacturing partners means we don't just offer a one-size fits all solution. We find the right solution for you.

Are you ready to implement interactive touchscreen displays into your spaces? Contact our experts to find out how we can help.