Interactive touchscreens for successful collaboration

In recent years, the use of interactive displays in our workspaces has grown exponentially. Their value as a tool to bring people together to collaborate and share ideas is now widely recognised. A device once the reserve of classrooms has now found its place in our office and work environments.

Improvements in performance, reduction in price and increased choice of hardware has driven the popularity of this exciting technology. There are now interactive touchscreen solutions to meet the needs and budgets of almost any organisation.

Interactivity to aid ad-hoc idea development and in-depth collaborative projects.

Whether a walk up and use replacement for a flip chart, a fully integrated display in a boardroom or a shared digital canvas bringing together remote participants in a virtual workspace, interactive displays are a powerful device to support productive collaboration.

Increasingly integrated with communication platforms such as Teams and Zoom, the benefits of interactive displays can be experienced beyond the four walls of the meeting room to bring together participants to work productively from multiple locations. 

Touch-free interactivity 

In situations, and at a time where touch is problematic, many display solutions offer the option to use of a stylus or ‘pen’, and there is rapid progress in the creation of surfaces that prevent the reproduction of bacteria, addressing concerns about the transfer of germs through shared devices. 

At Pure AV, we work with a range of manufacturers to provide the best solution. We talk to you, get to understand your requirements, and then build the solution to make that experience a reality.

As one of the UK's leading audio visual integrators, our dedicated team can offer interactive touchscreen solutions that ensure you get the most out of this technology.

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Samsung Flip digital whiteboard

A Whiteboard and Flipchart Alternative

More than just a replacement for your pen and paper flip chart, the digital whiteboard makes collaboration easy. 

Simple and intuitive, you pick up the ‘pen’ and start to write, need more space, simply scroll to extend the work area. If you have existing content to work with, you can bring it in, as well as connect mobile devices to share content to the screen. 

Meeting over; your notes are ready to save and share. No more trying to work from photographs, no waiting for someone to write it all up, just move straight on to productive activity and the completion of actions.  

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 interactive screens

All-in-one solutions 

Make collaboration more effective with large-format touch screens that combine video conferencing, meeting control at the panel, annotation and whiteboarding. 

Solutions such as the Microsoft Surface Hub, Avocor Zoom rooms and Clevertouch Pro series make interactivity and collaboration simple and seamless. 

Integrated into your meeting and learning spaces; interactive displays create a bridge between individual and group working. With the ability to use familiar business apps and control interfaces, the move from desktop to large-screen is natural, and group working happens with ease.

Intuitive collaboration with digital whiteboards

Collaborate with dispersed teams 

For projects that require in-depth collaboration and workflow visualisation, we have solutions that offer large-scale digital canvases for activity across in-room, online, asynchronous and synchronous workflows.

When dispersed teams require more than a video call and shared screen, keep them aligned and projects on track with the ability to visualise workflows, add essential information, hyperlinks, share written feedback and more.

Support agile working and enable everyone, in any location to work together without barriers. Almost as if they are in  the same room.

Why choose Pure AV as your interactive screen integrator

Pure AV are an award winning audio visual integrator specialising in agile workspaces, collaboration and communication solutions. Since 2003, we have worked closely with leading organisations across the globe, enabling them to connect, collaborate and create effectively.

In a technology-centric world, our dedicated team of system designers, engineers and sales specialists are here to ensure you maximise efficiency, reliability, engagement and communication through the power of AV technologies.

We have helped hospitals, universities, museums, the public sector and blue chip companies stand out from the crowd through the integration of future-proof interactive screen solutions. Our wide network of manufacturing partners means we don't just offer a one-size fits all solution. We find the right solution for you.

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