Audio visual solutions for the corporate sector

Through carefully thought out audio visual technology, you can provide your people with the tools to collaborate and communicate, whenever and wherever they need to.

Meeting Room AV for Corporate Spaces

Meeting rooms

Bring your people into a space which encourages successful teamwork, communication and collaboration.

With options to bring your own device, or use a dedicated room system, these spaces adapt to your requirements. Providing simple control and quick start meetings, they give access to clear audio, large, bright presentation screens and simple connectivity with remote participants.

With our help, businesses and institutions are making use of the best AV technology to create consistent user experiences that stimulate innovation and enable employees to work to their full potential, wherever they spend their working day.

Boardroom AV solutions for the corporate sector


Combine great aesthetics with first-class technology to create a professional boardroom experience.

We can implement custom furniture solutions to reflect company branding and keep cables hidden, while intelligent technology ensures a straightforward experience for meeting participants, whether in-room or remote.

Room automation and control ensure effortless meetings. Flexible connectivity and content sharing keeps data sources at your fingertips, making your boardroom a hub of productive communication and activity. 

Huddle space audio visual systems

Huddle and focus rooms

A place to step away from the busy office environment to somewhere for small groups to discuss, debate, share ideas, and review presentations.

These compact, economical spaces are perfect for video and audio conferencing as well as more informal, unscheduled meetings.

AV systems for training rooms

Corporate training rooms

Training sessions thrive in environments that offer comfort and opportunity for observation, interaction and feedback.

Depending on the nature of the training, your layout will vary enormously. The effective use of AV will deliver clear lines of communication between the tutor and the class, provide excellent visuals, and crystal clear sound.

Technology provides a bridge between full-class learning, group work, and individual activity - all of which the tutor can manage with simple to use controls.

Audio visual solutions for the corporate reception space

The reception space

With solutions such as video walls, visitor sign-in systems, wayfinding, and zoned audio, you can deliver a great first impression to both staff and visitors.

From an infrastructure perspective, the addition of AV over IP enables audio visual integration directly onto your IT network, creating an easy to manage system, maintaining enormous flexibility, yet minimising the resources required for management and control.

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Take your corporate technology further

As organisations adapt their spaces to promote hybrid working, people generally think of video conferencing as the first point of call.

Although video conferencing 100% plays a part in the workplace, many other technologies can help drive successful collaboration and business continuity.

Working from anywhere is about maximising and planning your spaces. With the increasing adoption of tools such as occupancy sensors, desk booking and analytics, you can achieve just that.

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