Bridgestone makes the move to native Microsoft Teams Rooms

Working with Pure AV has been a truly amazing experience. They have an incredible ability to understand the needs of their clients and work with them as true partners. Together, we were able to fully explore and understand our business requirements. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them and we highly recommend their services.

- Amish Vadher, IT Manager, Bridgestone UK

Bridgestone is a global manufacturer of premium tyres, innovative tyre technologies, and advanced mobility solutions.

During the refurbishment of it's UK headquarters, Bridgestone recognised the importance of implementing flexible and collaborative working practices, while establishing a set of new technology standards throughout it's workspaces.

Previously, Bridgestone's audio visual setup presented a number of challenges. Users of the spaces frequently encountered issues with connecting to meetings, systems freezing, ultimately resulting in delays and disruptions to business operations.

To ensure that the project was completed on time and within budget, Bridgestone needed the assistance of a specialist AV partner with a proven track record of working closely with third-party contractors, and delivering audio visual projects to short timescales but exceptionally high standards.

After a series of in-depth discussions, site visits, and planning sessions, Bridgestone confidently selected Pure AV as it's preferred audio visual partner for the project.

Small Microsoft Teams Room at Bridgestone

From the outset, Pure AV understood that effective communication with both Bridgestone and the third-party contractor was vital to the success of this project. With the refurbishment due to start imminently, a well-orchestrated approach was critical to its success.

The Pure AV team initiated the project by conducting a comprehensive site survey; gaining an in-depth understanding of the spaces, discussing the refurbishment timeline, examining proposed floor plans, demonstrating various types of equipment, and exploring ways to remain as cost effective as possible.

After thorough discussions; an extensive proposal featuring schematics, floor plans, elevations, and equipment was presented to Bridgestone stakeholders. After evaluating the approach, Bridgestone granted approval to proceed with engaging the contractor.

To ensure all deadlines corresponded with those of the third-party contractor, Pure AV appointed a dedicated project manager to oversee the implementation of the new solution. The project manager was responsible for coordinating the entire AV system, which involved conducting multiple site visits, supervising installation, and communicating progress updates to Bridgestone and the third-party contractor.

Medium-sized Microsoft Teams Room at Bridgestone

Native Microsoft Teams Rooms to Boost Collaboration

Previously, Bridgestone's meeting rooms experienced a variety of challenges on a daily-basis. The absence of a unified control system made it difficult to manage and participate in meetings, frequently resulting in users opting to use their low-fidelity laptop cameras, or requesting technical assistance from busy IT personnel.

In order to support Bridgestone's shift towards a Microsoft Teams-first approach, it was crucial to capture a native Microsoft Teams experience in every meeting space and ensure that all users felt comfortable using the technology in the room.

To achieve this, Pure AV integrated Logitech room solutions for Microsoft Teams across the entire Bridgestone estate. Not only did this provide users with a sense of familiarity, but it also reduced the need for troubleshooting in each space due to intuitive device monitoring software.

Small meeting rooms are equipped with Logitech MeetUp video conferencing bars and Logitech Tap room control. To ensure everyone in the space can be heard clearly, expansion microphones have also been added to these systems.

Medium-sized spaces showcase the Logitech Rally system, which includes a PTZ camera, Logitech Tap room control, expansion microphones, and external speakers to provide the best audio and viewing angles possible.

To take the medium-sized spaces further, a series of Logitech Scribes have also been implemented to provide high-quality whiteboard collaboration over Microsoft Teams.

The addition of Logitech room booking panels have also proven to save crucial time and reduce meeting disruption due to the high-visibility nature of the devices.

Regardless of room size, the implementation of new technology in each meeting space has significantly improved the uptake of room usage for both Bridgestone staff and external clients alike.

Bridgestone's audio and visual needs were met with ease thanks to Pure AV. With an end-to-end solution that took into account every detail, they delivered a solution that exceeded expectations. And with exceptional aftercare, they ensured that the entire process was stress-free.

- Amish Vadher, IT Manager, Bridgestone UK

Town Hall Space at Bridgestone

A Space to Bring Everyone Together, Regardless of Location

With the growing demand for company-wide town hall meetings, Pure AV worked closely with Bridgestone to deliver a Certified for Microsoft Teams environment capable of bringing a large number of remote and in-person attendees into a single location.

At the heart of this impressive space sits a Logitech room system for Microsoft Teams to provide hosts with full control of all meetings and content sharing, creating a truly inclusive experience.

To guarantee a high-degree of consistency for remote attendees, two Logitech Rally cameras and wireless Sennheiser microphones allow for perfect viewing angles and audio pickup from within the space.

For in-room participants, Biamp ceiling speakers provide clear and comprehensive sound throughout the space, ensuring that everyone has an exceptional town hall experience.

A perfect space for gatherings of large groups, when not being used to host town hall sessions, the wireless microphones, speakers and large format display allow the space to be used for engaging internal presentations and collaborative sessions.

Digital Signage Deployment at Bridgestone

Intuitive Site-Wide Communications

This impressive project is completed by site-wide digital signage to ensure that all staff, visitors, and wider stakeholders are kept informed and updated with important company information.

The cloud-based platform, provided by NowSignage, is leveraged by Bridgestone to deploy content to their screens in real-time. Bridgestone now have a mechanism to deploy updated content in real-time, on a schedule, and with the added benefit of deploying content to any displays of it's choice.

A Dynamic Working Environment Setting New Standards

The partnership between Bridgestone and Pure AV has resulted in a seamless and efficient meeting and collaboration experience for both Bridgestone employees and external clients. 

With state-of-the-art technology implemented in every space, from small meeting rooms to the company-wide town hall space, Bridgestone and Pure AV have demonstrated utmost commitment to innovation and excellence in each respective field of expertise.

The intuitive site-wide communications infrastructure ensures that all stakeholders are kept informed, and the real-time deployment of content through the NowSignage platform ensures that important information can be communicated at a moments notice. 

Bridgestone's UK headquarters serves as an excellent example of how technology can be leveraged to improve productivity and engagement in the workplace.

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