Avocor Collaboration Display and Software Solutions

Avocor offers an array of displays and software designed to revolutionise the way people communicate and collaborate. Each solution has been developed to address the needs of the modern workplace, whether it be in a corporate, educational, or public sector environment.

High Quality Collaboration in Every Space

Corporate Spaces

Bring high quality collaboration to the meeting space with Avocor's collection of interactive displays for corporate spaces. Effortlessly collaborate and unleash creativity across a number of popular video services.

Education Spaces

Take classroom-based and remote learning to new heights with Avocor. Fully integrated with a number of widely-used video collaboration applications, Avocor enhances learning spaces and sets a benchmark for interactive learning.

Public Sector Solutions

Whether you need to improve meeting equity, enrich training sessions, or dive into immersive communication for quicker strategic decision-making, Avocor offers a range of solutions for truly effective collaboration.

Avocor E Series - Interactive Display

Avocor E Series

Step into a world of seamless collaboration with the Avocor E Series. Available in four sizes - 55", 65", 75", and 86", this interactive display boasts state-of-the-art technologies designed to elevate any team's collaborative experience.

Immerse your users in interactivity. With up to 20 ultra-responsive touch points, and intuitive edge-swipe functionality, the Avocor E Series provides an unparalleled interactive experience in any environment.

Transform the E Series into a remote meeting hub by integrating an Intel OPS loaded with your video services of choice, a video conferencing bar, and you're ready to experience high quality dispersed collaboration.

Avocor G Series Featuring Zoom Interface

Avocor G Series

Boasting a sophisticated, bezel-less design and a slim 4-inch profile, the Avocor G Series seamlessly blends into any meeting space.

Experience lightning-fast touch performance, stunning 4K resolution, extraordinary color precision, and captivating audio with this innovative interactive display.

Built for energy efficiency, the G Series is equipped with built-in sensors that automatically turn the display on and off as you enter or exit the room.

To further elevate team collaboration, Avocor has joined forces with industry giants like Logitech, Lenovo, and HP, transforming the G Series into a powerhouse for remote collaboration.

Avocor L Series Ultrawide Display for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Avocor L Series (Ultrawide Display)

As the growing demand for 21:9 ultrawide displays continues, the 105” Avocor L Series has been designed to deliver a rich and agnostic collaborative experience on an even bigger scale.

Offering a truly spacious digital canvas, users can now collaborate in new and engaging ways, showcasing even more content during meetings.

Available as touch and non-touch versions, the L Series is packed with integrated whiteboarding, smart sensors and curated applications – all in stunning 5K resolution.

The non-touch display is perfectly optimised for Microsoft Teams Rooms and Front Row, while the touch display is ideal for interactive meetings and training.

Avocor Interactive Display at Cardinal Newman College

Featured Case Study: Cardinal Newman College

Cardinal Newman College is a leading Further Education institution which is renowned for its exceptional academic track record. When the college made the decision to modernise and upgrade a series of legacy teaching systems, the college turned to Pure AV for expert advice.

After rigorously testing a number of interactive display options, the college ultimately opted for the Avocor solution due to the integration with Microsoft Office, and the high performance that the displays provided.

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Case Studies Featuring Microsoft Teams Rooms Environments

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