Boohoo Group boosts business performance with cutting-edge AV

Working with Pure AV has been great. They've been really helpful for us to rapidly expand. We didn't have to have the expertise in-house and we were able to rely on a lot of expertise that they bring to the table. They're a partner, not just a supplier. They work with us to spec everything that we need. They also come in on a regular basis to check that the systems are working. Often our timescales are short, and so far, every timeline has been met, which is great.

- Mitesh Patel, Service Delivery Manager, Boohoo Group plc

Boohoo Group started as a single brand in 2006 and has since become a major player in the global fashion industry. With a variety of brands, Boohoo Group serves millions of customers worldwide and appeals to a fashion-forward audience searching for the latest trends at affordable prices.

During a significant period of expansion, Boohoo Group identified a number of limitations with their audio visual infrastructure across multiple sites and sought the assistance of an experienced audio visual integrator to address the issues.

Boohoo Group was directed towards Pure AV as the integrator up for the challenge due to our ability to design, build, and install complex audio visual systems, and provide Service Level Agreements for ongoing support.

After several discussions, site visits, and planning sessions, Boohoo Group realised that Pure AV was the integrator capable of delivering a solution to meet their needs in full.

In the early stages of the project, the Pure AV team conducted a comprehensive fact-finding mission to analyse the existing audio visual infrastructure and identify potential issues and recommendations.

To ensure the best systems possible, Pure AV undertook a series of site surveys, inventory logging, and network analysis across the entire UK.

Following a thorough evaluation of our findings, our team presented a detailed report to Boohoo Group, offering numerous options on how to optimise and enhance their audio visual experience.

Boohoo Group's Project Team was highly impressed with the proposal and agreed to move forward with the project.

Microsoft Teams Room at Boohoo Group plc

High Quality Spaces for Hybrid Collaboration

Previously, Boohoo Group's meeting spaces relied heavily on wireless presentation. Unfortunately, the wireless dongles would often go missing, and there were no cameras, microphones, or a mechanism to connect to remote-based meetings. 

As Boohoo Group transitioned towards Microsoft Teams, it became increasingly apparent that they needed a solution to bring the Microsoft Teams experience to every meeting space.

Logitech room systems were chosen as the best fit for Boohoo Group's meeting rooms, not only to align with their international offices, but due to Logitech's reputation for exceptional quality and reliability.

To further complement each meeting space, stylish Evoko room booking panels can be found outside each space to help Boohoo Group staff easily find the right room for their meeting.

In any larger meeting spaces, Microsoft Surface Hubs were installed to offer both flexibility and interactivity during team-based collaboration. These immersive displays provide an all-in-one solution to enhance the overall meeting experience for all participants.

Whether small, medium or large rooms, the implementation of new technology in each meeting room has significantly changed the way staff meet and collaborate in spaces of all sizes, and are continuously fully booked for both internal and external meetings.

Gym Space with Video Wall at Boohoo Group plc

Setting the Standard for Corporate Gym Spaces

Boohoo Group has placed a significant emphasis on employee wellness, investing in multiple initiatives, including an on-site gym and yoga studio.

Upon entering the space, a series of video walls have been incorporated to provide a dynamic and engaging experience while working out. Additionally, speakers playing background music have been strategically placed throughout the space to ensure everyone working out can see and hear music videos during their workout sessions.

To guarantee the highest quality space, all video signals are routed through Wyrestorm AV over IP encoders and decoders to ensure high-quality, low latency output. Furthermore, all audio signals are routed across the Dante network. Each allowing audio and video signals to be routed to any source in any part of the building.

Boardroom Space at Boohoo Group plc

Spaces for Key Strategic Decision Making

A key part of Boohoo Group's infrastructure strategy is about giving company directors the absolute best in terms of flexibility and collaboration, and this extends to their personal meeting spaces.

With the use of Logitech Room systems for Microsoft Teams, the directors have a mechanism to ensure that they can easily meet and collaborate in their offices, at any time.

Ceiling mounted expansion microphones allow directors and other in-room participants to be heard clearly, regardless of where they sit in the room - resulting in a comfortable environment to collaborate in.

The new AV systems provide a huge amount of benefits to our employees. The meeting rooms allow connectivity across both international offices and UK-based offices, so it makes hybrid working really easy.

- Mitesh Patel, Service Delivery Manager, Boohoo Group plc

Town Hall Space at Boohoo Group plc

Open Plan Town Hall Collaboration Made Easy

Boohoo Group's head office features an impressive, spacious area dedicated to hosting company-wide Town Hall meetings. This open plan space serves as a hub of activity and easily brings large numbers of remote and in-person attendees into a single location.

A Logitech room system for Microsoft Teams forms the core of this space and provides users with full control of all meetings. To guarantee a high-quality experience for remote attendees, a Logitech Rally Camera and expansion microphones allow for perfect viewing angles and audio pickup from within the space.

Several projection systems have been placed throughout the area to ensure that everyone in the room has a comfortable viewing angle during each session - all in stunning large format.

The final touches to this space come in the form of a custom-programmed Extron room control system, which provides staff with a mechanism to control the room's functionality with ease, regardless of their skillset.

By keeping the space as flexible as possible, when not being used for Town Hall Sessions, it can be fully adapted to allow for a variety of different purposes and adapted to suit any occasion or event, making it an extremely dynamic and versatile space.

Microsoft Teams Meeting Room at Boohoo Group plc

A Cutting-Edge Work Environment

Boohoo Group and Pure AV's commitment to creating a cutting-edge work environment has resulted in a range of spaces that foster collaboration, employee wellness, and effective decision-making. The diverse spaces, such as the dynamic Town Hall, the state-of-the-art gym, and strategically designed director's offices, all focus on utilising advanced technology to enhance communication and collaboration. 

Flexibility remains at the core of these spaces, ensuring that they cater to a variety of purposes and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the organisation. This innovative approach to workplace design has empowered Boohoo Group to continually set the standard for a modern, effective workspace.

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