AV over IP video distribution

Using AV over IP introduces a simple way for organisations to deliver rich and varied content to multiple locations, overcoming the distance limitations associated with traditional AV distribution. Your content travels as far as your network reaches. 

AV over IP solution at Keele University

The benefits of using AV over IP solutions in your spaces

Audio Visual over IP (AVoIP) is an easy to manage, flexible solution designed to distribute audio visual signals directly through IT infrastructures.

Creating enormous flexibility, when you integrate an AV over IP system onto an existing network infrastructure or a specific AV network, you increase adaptability and scalability. Removing limits to the number of sources and destinations you can use and reach, and giving you the potential to transport your audio, video and control wherever they are needed. 

AV over IP in higher education

A flexible solution for content delivery

Commonly found in university settings, AV over IP solutions enable the flexible content distribution needed to support active learning, live streaming and the ability to adapt teaching spaces to suit timetabling, class sizes, and overflow into additional learning areas.

In stadiums, hotel and large enterprise deployments, the move to AV over IP offers greater freedom to manage, future-proof and scale audio visual deployments. With these systems, we are making effective use of low bandwidth, low latency and high AV quality.  With AV over IP, your IT teams can manage their AV network with familiar switching technology and not worry about costly port expansions when growth occurs.

A solution using AV over IP at Horwood Energy Centre

What value does AV over IP bring to an organisation?

Highly scalable: network based systems can accommodate very large numbers of sources and end points and can distribute content over long distances.

Cost effective: routing content through computer network switches offers a more cost effective alternative to traditional AV methods.

Flexible management: with AV-over-IP, IT professionals can leverage their data networks as the transport infrastructure for AV and manage their AV network with familiar switching technology.

Case studies featuring AV over IP

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