Poly Video Conferencing Systems

Poly solutions combine with leading collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom or any other meeting service to create environments that foster productivity, innovation and enable organisations to adapt to changing work styles and situations.

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A trusted video collaboration partner to a number of industries

Poly video collaboration in the corporate space


From huddle rooms, through to boardrooms, Poly offer a range of video collaboration systems ideal for the corporate space.

Poly solutions for healthcare


A firm favourite amongst many healthcare Trusts, Poly can be found in MDT rooms across the globe.

Poly solutions for Education


Education institutions choose Poly to empower educators when they need to deliver high-impact learning experiences.

Seamless integration with your other room technology

Poly's range of video collaboration systems are extremely flexible. Whether you're looking for native room support, or a bring your own device (BYOD) solution, there's a Poly room system to suit any meeting space.

Microsoft Teams


Google Meet


Poly solutions for the home worker

Poly solutions for home working

In a world of social distancing, restricted travel, and dispersed teams, businesses need employees to have as much impact from their kitchen table or home office as from their desks in the office.

Poly headsets keep communication consistent and make it easy to collaborate without distraction. Professional grade headsets elevate the experience of Microsoft Teams, Zoom or any other service seamlessly - and combined with headset management software allows IT to centrally manage and update the headsets of remote and in-office workers.

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Poly solutions for huddle spaces and small meeting rooms

Poly solutions for the huddle space

Small groups, remote participants, a video collaboration platform like Microsoft Teams or Zoom - this is the reality for many meetings today as businesses adapt and accelerate post-lockdown activity. 

Keeping it simple is key to successfully equipping smaller meeting spaces. Easy to manage and use, with Poly you get video conferencing up and running quickly. From USB video bars that connect to a PC to all-in-one solutions that natively run your favourite video app, Poly offers quality video and handles background noise to give everyone a great meeting experience.

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Poly video collaboration systems for larger meeting rooms

Poly solutions for the conference room

Different conference rooms have different needs, but people need great performance and consistency of experience in every room - no matter what size or shape the venue. 

By adopting Poly conference room solutions, you will experience exceptional quality video and audio that makes it feel like you're all in the same room. Smart cameras with automatic framing, remarkable audio pickup and sound innovations that remove distracting noises from calls make collaboration possible no matter where your team is located.

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Take a look at how Poly solutions can help make the workspace work for your employees. Whether located at home, back in the office or anywhere in between. 

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