Commercial audio system design and installation

Whether you aim to improve clarity as you communicate information, increase the richness of audio for entertainment, or use audio for safety announcements, our commercial audio solutions optimise the way you manage and experience sound.

Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 audio system

Achieve clear communication, regardless of location

Whether in a video call, a meeting room, or standing at the front of an auditorium, we can help to ensure that every attendee can hear and be heard clearly.

From personal audio peripherals to portable systems, to complex integrations, we have the manufacturer partnerships, audio planning expertise, and integration experience to meet your needs.  

Good quality sound is critical. When your audio is effective, interactions become more natural, understanding increases and people collaborate more successfully. 

An audio system installed by Pure AV

Audio for entertainment and impact

Clarity of sound, no feedback, no distortion and no echo just beautiful audio able to evoke a response from those that hear it. Whether part of a performance or a more subtle background to welcome and connect guests in a hotel or bar environment, music and audio has the ability to add an extra dimension to the way we experience a space or a moment.

An installed audio system by Pure AV

Audio that is easy to manage and control

Your audio system should be intuitive and give you the flexibility to manage playlists and settings with ease. Our business music systems are designed to put you in control. We will program and balance sound and make use of system presets so you don’t need to worry, creating automated settings tailored to your needs. 

Whether managing sound for intelligibility, impact, or both; achieving the right balance is key. While there are software programmes to assist with optimal speaker positioning there is a definite art in sound, and we are very fortunate at Pure AV to have some dedicated audiophiles who are passionate about creating the perfect audio experience for our clients.

Audio system at the University of Liverpool

Audio and your environment

The shape of the building, the fabric of the walls, the number of people in a space, and many more situational factors will influence how sound behaves.

To achieve the best audio performance, audio design must extend beyond the core system and consider the use of acoustic panels, fabrics and furniture.

Acoustic panels in the meeting space

Audio planning and acoustic modelling

Achieving optimum coverage is more than just thinking about how powerful your speaker of amp is. 

The position and layout of your equipment is critical, as is the equalising of the audio once installation is complete.

There are software packages and technical tools to help plan and model the correct audio system. Combining these tools with experience, expertise and a passion for audio will always deliver the best results.

Audio system mixing desk

Balancing audio for different uses

Your intended use will prioritise different aspects of sound.

In presentation, training and conference setting your focus might be speech intelligibility.

In a theatre of performance venue, you want the fullness of immersive sound to enrich the emotional connection of the audience.

More often than not you need to find the correct balance between elements of both.

High quality audio system at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery

Removing the worry from audio solutions

We can remove the complexity from specifying audio systems 

We have a team of highly qualified audio specialists who can understand your requirements, assess the environment and build a system that delivers the audio performance you need. 

You decide the outcome and we will bring together the technology and expertise to make it happen.

Sennheiser audio solutions

Portable audio peripherals from world-leading manufacturers

We work closely with a wide range of leading audio manufacturers, ensuring we source products of the highest quality at the best possible
commercial terms.

Utilising portable peripherals provides you with the flexibility and freedom to deliver key messages in your workplace.

Audio system in an auditorium by Pure AV

Why choose Pure AV as your audio system integrator

Pure AV are an award winning audio visual integrator specialising in agile workspaces, collaboration and communication solutions. Since 2003, we have worked closely with leading organisations across the globe, enabling them to connect, collaborate and create effectively.

We have helped universities, healthcare, museums, the public sector and blue chip companies stand out from the crowd through the integration of future-proof audio solutions. Our wide network of manufacturing partners means we don't just offer a one-size fits all solution. We find the right solution for you.

Case studies including audio systems

Are you ready to implement a high quality audio system into your spaces? Contact our team to find out how we can help.