Audio visual solutions for MDT Rooms

As a leading integrator of audio visual solutions and approved supplier to the NHS SBS framework, we work closely with NHS trusts across the nation to deliver MDT room solutions that enable the healthcare sector to communicate effectively.

Popular technologies found in MDT rooms

Video conferencing

Effective video conferencing and collaboration systems to keep Trusts connected.

Commercial displays

Large format, high-definition  commercial displays ensure clear visibility of vital clinical information.

Wireless presentation

Switch presenters and share content quickly and easily without worrying about cables for effective collaboration.

Room control systems

Simplify room control and content management with intuitive touchscreen user interfaces.

MDT Meeting Rooms for the healthcare sector

Unifying teams and Trusts with purpose built solutions

Doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals rely on MDT rooms to collaborate and share information. Our solutions are designed to be secure, seamless and easy to use so staff can focus on their work, not the technology.

The key to a successful MDT room is simplicity. Our solutions make it easy for everyone to communicate and access the detailed clinical information they need. This empowers staff to collaborate effectively and make the best decisions for their patients.

We supply equipment from the leading video conferencing manufacturers

Bring your multidisciplinary meetings into a secure, reliable environment

Today’s MDT rooms require the ability to share detailed digital content securely to a mixture of in-room and remote participants.

By using technologies such as video collaboration, and wireless presentation, medical professional can take full control of their MDT environments.

A fast start-up, reliable service, and interoperability with other Trusts and healthcare providers is also essential.

Our team of designers, programmers and engineers will select from a range of technology solutions to meet your requirements, ensuring the best possible performance from your MDT space.

Audio visual solutions for the healthcare network

Bridging the interoperability gap 

Microsoft Teams is now a critical collaboration tool within the NHS, but there are challenges to overcome when deploying it into established meeting spaces. You may have existing rooms without video capability or systems installed before the Microsoft Teams rollout, making it difficult for everyone to connect.

We have spent significant time working with NHS Trusts - assisting with the challenges and benefits of the Microsoft Teams rollout. We can advise you on interoperability and how to manage the successful integration with existing equipment and systems.

Case studies featuring MDT rooms

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