Cardinal Newman College deliver a more inclusive and immersive learning experience

Cardinal Newman Audio Visual Case Study
We were honestly thrilled with the support Pure gave us during the installation of the Avocor screens. They were incredibly knowledgeable and the physical installation was quick and painless. They were on hand to ensure that we have a solution that works seamlessly for our teaching community across our classroom estate.

- Anthony Dickinson, Head of Network Services, Cardinal Newman College

Cardinal Newman College based in Preston, Lancashire is consistently placed amongst the highest performing sixth form colleges in the UK. With a wide range of courses, the College helps students progress onto prestigious universities such as the Russell Group.

After previously using projectors and interactive whiteboards, the College were looking to upgrade to the latest technology and overcome some of the challenges that the legacy solutions posed from a support and teaching perspective.

Our whiteboard estate caused issues across the teaching faculty, constantly needing calibration which caused delays in lesson delivery. In addition, the luminosity of the bulbs meant that the image quality was poor while bulb replacement was a costly expense for the college to bear.

- Anthony Dickinson, Head of Network Services, Cardinal Newman College

The college wanted classroom technology able to create a more integrated experience with Microsoft 365 which is used across the college.

They were looking for a solution that provided a more immersive environment for teachers and students utlising digital inking tools natively within Microsoft applications.

Anthony Dickinson continues; 

We knew we wanted to upgrade to interactive touchscreens so we could remove the reliance on projection and the associated maintenance costs, but we were also keen to explore the potential for native Windows 10 digital inking integration. Our teaching staff wanted 4K screen resolution on a solution that was intuitive and easy to use. We also needed to have a solution that delivered an optimal viewing angle for students with a reduced parallax.

- Anthony Dickinson, Head of Network Services, Cardinal Newman College


The Solution

The college trialled several interactive display brands and, in the end, selected Avocor due to the product integration with the Microsoft office suite, enabling annotations directly into a variety of applications including PowerPoint, Word and Adobe.

The displays were installed by long-standing Avocor partners, Pure AV, and the college was impressed by the high quality of the service delivered.

What most attracted us to the Avocor displays was how the Windows 10 inking tools and the gesture control actions created a natural experience for users. The interface is simple to understand, and the solution was easily adopted across campus.

- Anthony Dickinson, Head of Network Services, Cardinal Newman College


The Benefits

The Avocor displays have delivered instant results, including reducing the time is takes to get started, maximising lesson time as well as being easy to use.

The college plans to adopt Avocor displays across the entire campus in the coming years, enabling teachers to deliver immersive lessons that capture the student’s attention while dramatically reducing the support and maintenance costs of replacing legacy projector technology and bulbs.

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