PZ Cussons global head office embraces a hybrid working approach

Working with Pure AV has been amazing. During construction they adjusted their works around the Fit-Out Contractor and made sure everything went in smoothly. They continue to work with us on enhancements and improvements to help us get the best out of our investment.

- Graham Turner, Head of IT, PZ Cussons

PZ Cussons, a leading manufacturer of consumer goods including brands such as Imperial Leather, Original Source and Carex, has completed a dramatic refurbishment of their global head office.  

By introducing a variety of dynamic, technology-enhanced work areas and wellness facilities, the company has created a world-class office environment that responds to employees’ needs and embraces hybrid work patterns. 

The company follows a policy of ‘two plus one’ working, with everyone spending at least two days in the office each week. As a result, PZ Cussons has designed the facilities to be flexible and equipped to enable remote participation and virtual meetings. Employee well-being is also a high priority, with fitness and communal environments in place to encourage social interaction and foster a strong workplace community.

The building features a series of innovative meeting and collaborative spaces, an amphitheatre-style presentation area, a gym and studio, and a bright and lively café. The ground floor also contains a unique multipurpose area which transforms from multiple intimate workspaces to a single open space for large conferencing and social events.
Workplace technologies delivered by Pure AV are threaded throughout the spaces and are designed to offer staff an uncomplicated and consistent experience as they interact with the different areas.

Microsoft Teams Room at PZ Cussons

Standardised technology to create ease of use

The company has standardised on Microsoft Teams and equipped every meeting space, from an individual pod to the boardroom, for remote or hybrid participation. 

Logitech Tap with MeetUp or Rally Plus cameras and mics enable a quick, one-touch start-up to meetings while delivering high-quality video and sound to all participants. 

Spaces are free of cables, and staff can connect their laptops to meeting room screens via Teams or the Microsoft Wireless Display adapters.

Logitech Scribe whiteboard cameras are used in a growing number of meeting spaces. The Scribe brings whiteboards into video meetings, enhancing real-time collaborative activity between remote and in-person participants.

PZ Cussons Collaboration Space

Activity-based workspaces 

Workspaces are zoned to accommodate different tasks. Staff can choose between highly collaborative work areas, spaces for routine working, or areas for focused activity. Zoned audio reinforces the differences between the spaces, with sound levels and music types selected to reflect the intended usage of the areas. 

Amphitheatre at PZ Cussons for Large Group Meetings

Company-wide town hall meetings and events

Larger gatherings take place in the amphitheatre or multipurpose area on the ground floor. The amphitheatre is used weekly for company town hall meetings and features a stunning 2.8m Philips LED wall surrounded by attractive tiered bench seating. Logitech’s Rally Plus cameras and Shure ceiling microphones are part of the Microsoft Teams Room solution, which enables remote participation. Presenters can also choose to share the audio to speakers across the building.

Clever furniture and layout design on the ground floor allow the meeting rooms and multipurpose space to be combined to create a conference and event venue. With a moveable wall system, options are available to fully open up the space, or relocate the walls to create an acoustically private auditorium space. 

Two projection screens descend from the ceiling, and Logitech Teams Room solutions facilitate remote participation. Audio is distributed through a QSC DSP, allowing ceiling speakers from the separate spaces to be switched to support the combined area. Sennheiser lapel and handheld mics are available for voice reinforcement along with Shure ceiling mics to capture audience contributions. 

The design keeps the user experience straightforward as participants connect to the system in the same way as they would any other space. 

The PZ Cussons’ IT team manage the AV, including event lighting, via an iPad with a Pure AV programmed custom user interface. 

Video wall and digital signage at PZ Cussons

Digital signage to inform and create impact

Digital signage is used to display menu information in the coffee bar and restaurant, and to also share office news and company updates throughout the building. The combination of vibrant screens and dynamic content enables PZ Cussons to provide staff and visitors with an engaging source of information. 

An impressive 2.8m Philips LED wall in the entrance area creates an impactful welcome for staff and visitors and sets the scene for the vibrant and sensorial workspace that lays beyond.

The new space is helping us deliver on our organisational growth plan. And fully supports our new ways of working.

- Graham Turner, Head of IT, PZ Cussons

PZ Cussons Focus Rooms

A destination office to inspire productivity and set the foundation for growth

The refurbishment at Aviator Way has created a space where staff actively seek to be. 

Work environments that are flexible and easy to use enable productive activity, whether the task is a collaborative or individual.

Any historic fears associated with video conferencing have been eliminated as employees recognise that regardless of the type of space, getting a meeting started is a simple, hassle-free process.  

PZ Cussons has created a workplace with the space and technology to embrace hybrid working and empower employees get the most out of the time they spend in the office. 

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