Innospec improve collaboration through Microsoft Teams Rooms

Audio visual case study: Innospec
Our teams' interactions with each other, our customers, and our suppliers are more holistic, collaborative, and efficient, thanks to our new meeting facilities and use of Microsoft Teams across our organisation.

- Paul Taylor, Global Service Delivery Manager, Innospec

Innospec is a global specialty chemistry company with manufacturing plants, research centres and facilities in 23 countries. They are using Microsoft Teams and video-enabled meeting spaces to allow geographically dispersed teams to work together easily and collaboratively.


The challenge

Innospec has operations spread across 23 countries and needed to find a solution to help employees communicate and collaborate more effectively and without having to travel. The organisation uses Office365 and having successfully adopted Microsoft Teams during the pandemic wanted to extend that experience into their office meeting spaces. They set out to design workspaces that would foster more effective communication and cooperation amongst themselves as well as with vendors and customers.

With Teams heavily adopted during Covid. The ease of use and functionality of Teams meant it was natural to look at solution integrated with Microsoft Teams.

- Paul Taylor, Global Service Delivery Manager, Innospec


The Solution

Working with Pure AV Innospec evaluated a range of solutions before selecting the Logitech Tap Teams Room as the preferred option. The hardware in each meeting space is selected to optimise both the in-room and remote experience. In the smaller conference and boardroom, a Logitech Rally bar and Tap is paired with a 65” display, in the larger meeting space a 98” display augments the viewing experience and the Logitech Rally PTZ camera with Biamp ceiling speakers ensures that everybody in the room can be seen and heard clearly.

In all spaces, the user has the same straightforward experience when running and connecting into meetings, and high-quality, high-performing audio-visual equipment allows for improved communication and collaboration between all participants regardless of their physical location.


The Results

The feedback from those using the new meeting spaces at Innospec is extremely positive. The video quality has improved significantly, resulting in a more natural meeting experience for staff. This has been complemented by improved audio clarity, resulting in more collaborative and inclusive meetings.

The high quality of the room microphones and speakers ensures that all attendees, whether in the largest meeting space at full capacity or in a smaller space on a one-on-one call, feel included.

The new meeting spaces also provide visitors to the building an opportunity to meet in a professional and productive environment that reflects the high standards of the Innospec organisation.

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