PZ Cussons bring best in class technology to its head office

Audio visual case study: PZ Cussons
Change the way staff worked on site. That goal has been achieved. The company also wanted to have wow affect on the visitors, that too was certainly achieved. Finally, it wanted to establish a technology template for future sites, which would standardise VC equipment and meeting room solutions across the globe. Again, this object was amply achieved. So, overall, mission accomplished and it looks great too!

- Ged Bithell, Head of Services, PZ Cussons

In 2010 PZ Cussons opened a brand new 40,000 sq ft corporate headquarters in Stockport, UK. The new headquarters was to be the company’s flagship building in terms of technology and delivering the wow factor to visitors. PZ Cussons commissioned Pure AV to implement a complete system integration that would be the blueprint for all future buildings.

The Solution

The first stage was to consider the needs of all audiences – from visitors to the staff who work in the building. We wanted to deliver a complete audiovisual solution that would be truly outstanding and also future proof.

We installed a large video wall in the foyer, the place where PZ Cussons start communicating and telling their story. We used technology new to the UK, MicroTiles, which are resistant to daylight and created a more pleasurable viewing experience in the heavily glazed atrium. We then moved through the building connecting the PZ Cussons offices through a site-wide AV and data network – ensuring departments can keep talking to each other and working efficiently.

Between the offices are flexible meeting spaces fitted with projectors that play clips from current marketing campaigns and corporate films. These areas use specialised LED lighting to create a relaxed working environment.

The latest video conferencing facilities allow communication at the click of a button and provide a boardroom ready to play the latest presentation to a global audience. Each area integrates the latest sound technology, such as iPod docks with high quality DVD players with the flexibility to bring in extra facilities with mobile AV carts.

One side of the ground floor can be turned into a large auditorium with wireless microphones and an audio system for the hard of hearing in place to ensure that the audience can see and hear the presenter at their best.

In the wellness centre and canteen a background music system and TV distribution helps to create a pleasurable in-office experience.

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