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Keele University - Hushpod Testimonial

New HushPod installation brings quiet collaboration area to busy library at Keele University

The UK's first HushPod installation has taken place in the library at Keele University. Supplied by Pure AV, the six-seater workspace is customised with the beautiful photography of Keele University’s PC systems support manager, Chris McEvoy and brings students and staff a new space to work away from the noise of the surrounding environment.

The brief

Situated in a lively space in the middle of the library IT area, it was the acoustic properties of the HushPod that first attracted the attention of the team at Keele University.

Chris McEvoy explained,

“Students are increasingly interested in working in groups and on collaborative projects, once we saw the HushPod and realised it has acoustic properties, we thought it would be perfect for this space”.


The HushPod provides comfortable seating for up to six people, and its opposing walls and ceiling are lined with TK-Team’s acoustic control panels. The addition by the University of a 32” screen with connection plate, power and USB charging to the rear wall of the pod further enhances the work area and opens up the usage of the space to a wider variety of small group activity.

The Results

The acoustic control panels that line the pod have an immediate impact on noise levels. On entering the space, the level of background noise reduces significantly, and the voices of those within the pod are heard clearly. As Chris McEvoy observed,

“Entering the space, you notice an immediate difference in noise level. The acoustic panels reduce the background noise and allow discussions to take place at a normal conversational level. Nobody has to raise their voice and even softly spoken people can be clearly heard”.

Chris McEvoy concluded,

“The ability to enter the HushPod and work productively without distraction from external noise makes it a great addition to this busy section of the library. We love that students can come in here use the PC facilities and then easily break-out into working groups without having to search elsewhere for a suitably quiet environment”.
Hushpod at Keele University

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