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Being able to project our own high-tech, cutting-edge augmented reality tools, so that each student group can do something different, is going to be tremendous.

Katie Maddock MPharm course director, Keele University

Pure AV helps transform traditional 48 seat IT lab into a modern 60 seat collaborative space.

The recently refitted and expanded ‘Digital Health Hub’ within the School of Pharmacy now boasts the latest augmented reality teaching tools integrated into a wireless collaborative casting system.

The Brief

The project required the transformation of a traditional 48 seat IT lab into a modern 60 seat collaborative space. The new room design had to support collaborative learning and accommodate the School of Pharmacy's latest augmented reality teaching tools. The University also needed to increase the capacity of the room while reducing the overall footprint

The Solution

The redesigned ‘Digital Health Hub’ combines a new classroom layout with wireless collaborative casting tools to increase room capacity and meet the project objectives.

The original banks of desks and computers have been replaced with ten collaboration tables, each with a 49” display situated at one end and equipped with either laptop or desktop workstations. The tables are colour coded to assist with group activity and each can comfortably accommodate six students

The solution, which is fitted into the dedicated collaborative furniture, enables simultaneous sharing of user PCs and mobile devices to the ten 49" LCD displays in the room. Students can collaborate using these displays and their own devices in a number of ways: making notes, utilising digital whiteboards, sharing files and even taking turns controlling linked displays to present to the whole room.

.The lecturer has the ability to distribute content to each of the displays through the Extron control panel situated on the lectern and a Kramer Via Connect Pro system introduces the potential for wireless collaborative casting.

“We required a solution that would allow us to share content wirelessly over the University's Eduroam network. The wireless casting is a fantastic addition and has helped us to change the way we teach, particularly through the use of AR tools which can be managed locally in a very effective and simple way.”

Reg Icli, learning technology officer, School of Pharmacy

The Results

The initial response to the Digital Health Hub has been extremely positive.

“I think the student experience in this room is going to be absolutely amazing. The ability for them to use their own technology to find their own information and then share that information freely within the group is probably going to be the biggest thing. Also being able to project our own high-tech, cutting-edge augmented reality, tools, so that each student group can do something different with it, is going to be tremendous”.

Katie Maddock, MPharm course director & associate dean for learning and teaching, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

The project was successfully delivered within a six week period and the University eagerly anticipates the full integration of the room into the programme for the new academic year. Work has already begun developing the AR technology to make the most of the new space and we look forward to seeing the results.

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