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Lancaster University - Collaboration Suite Testimonial

The installation was very good. A pre-start meeting with Pure AV project manager and the electrical contractor helped to ensure power and data locations and roles and responsibilities were clearly defined, and everyone was on the same page.

David Neal Teaching Space Technologies Coordinator, Lancaster University

Pure AV integrated a new collaboration suite into an existing teaching space within the School of Management.

The aim of the project was to give the staff within the department the opportunity to trial the new room design and explore how the layout and technology could be used to support increased student engagement. The experience gained would be used to support the development of the teaching spaces going into a new Management School building due for completion at the end of 2019.

Project Brief

The solution implemented by Pure AV had to be integrated into a pre-existing teaching space and retain the existing lectern, projector and AMX control system.

The integration had to support ease of use and provide staff with access to a powerful yet simple to use collaborative teaching environment.

Students had to be able to bring their devices into the classroom and easily share content from those devices with the group. It was also important that web access was maintained alongside the ability to mirror and share content from the student devices.

The Solution

To meet the brief, Pure AV combined the bespoke programming of the control system and user interface with the Kramer VIA collaboration system.

The room can accommodate up to 35 students seated around 5 Top-Tec Synergy Quad workstations. Each desk has a 42” Panasonic TH-42LFE8 Professional Display with HDMI and VGA input for laptops. A Kramer Via Connect Pro provides wireless device connectivity, and local source switching and display control are managed via an eight button AMX control pad situated at each student desk.

The arrangement enables students to work in groups wirelessly connecting to the display screen with their own devices whether they are laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

The main tutor desk in the room has the ability to display content on the main projection display (a pre-existing Panasonic PT-RZ570 Laser), as well as to each student desk. Additionally a Kramer Via Collage and Kramer VS88DT matrix switch enables the tutor desk to select and distribute the content from any of the student desks to any or all other displays in the room.

To help users navigate their way around the system each desk is colour coded. The control panel has a dedicated collaboration page and is programmed to ensure the room user can select and share content across the screens with a minimal number of button presses.

The installation window was a week. The network requirement was considered early in the project, ensuring a smooth deployment.

The Results

The collaboration room has received an enthusiastic reception from staff within the Management School.

“My experience of the room has been very, very good. Use of the technology is very easy and intuitive. With no training, I was able to work out how to use the technology in minutes”.
Steve Barron, programme director MSc Project Management at Lancaster University.

Lancaster is now planning future installations based on the same template with a second room due for install in the next couple of months.

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