Nottingham Trent University Clinical Studies

Nottingham Trent University Audio Visual Case Study
I would personally like to record my thanks to all of those involved as they have listened and worked with us to produce an AV system that is truly user-friendly, has exceeded our expectations and is fit for purpose.

- Stuart Loughran, Audio Visual Systems Team Leader, Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University is a thriving modern institution named by the Guardian as the 2019 University of the Year. The Clinical Studies Centre is a facility operated by staff from the department of social work and health and is used to provide post-registration professional development for healthcare professionals.

As part of a broader ongoing program of investment at Nottingham Trent University, Pure Audio Visual Ltd was engaged to upgrade the audiovisual facilities in the Centre.

Within the field of healthcare training, there is a significant focus on practical, scenario-based teaching. The upgrade to the facilities had to encourage interactive, two-way engagement between lecturer and students, and enable the live demonstration and observation of clinical techniques.


The Solution

The spaces within the Centre include a small meeting room, two teaching rooms, and specialised teaching areas, including a simulated patient room and a mock hospital ward with two ward beds. The previous clinical skills area had standard cameras and sessions would be recorded and then reviewed by teachers and peers after the event.

The new system is designed to use video and networked audio to enable real-time observation and live audio communication between the specialised and standard teaching areas. Teachers and peers can view a live video feed from the simulated teaching spaces and using the networked audio system pose questions or ask for clarification in real-time from within the standard teaching rooms, or even a remote location. The sessions are also recorded to enable a further and more detailed review post-exercise.


The Benefits

The new clinical studies centre is making a significant impact on the teaching of post-registration healthcare training at Nottingham Trent University. It has encouraged teaching practitioners to form discussion groups to share best practice and explore new ways to adapt their content delivery to exploit the full potential of the new facilities.

The new system addresses previous difficulties experienced in large group demonstration by ensuring every participant has a clear view of the activity underway, and through the networked audio system, can interact, clarify and engage more effectively with the course content.

The system is simple for teaching staff to manage and control, helping to encourage full adoption and ensure that all academics at the centre can make use of the tools available to them.

The new training facilities have created very exciting opportunities for my programme. They are making a big impact on our teaching, but most importantly on the student experience, maximising their learning by making it more engaging and productive.

- Andrew Kirke, Principal Lecturer Paramedic, Urgent & Emergency care, Nottingham Trent University

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