A standardised technology infrastructure to support the Nuclear AMRC

Nuclear AMRC - Audio Visual Case Study
From the initial meetings, Pure AV demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of our needs. They collaborated closely with us and successfully delivered high quality, site-wide solutions that significantly improved collaboration for both internal and external users. The team's exceptional level of communication and meticulous attention to detail surpassed our expectations.

Despite working within a fixed budget for the project, Pure AV assisted us in identifying the perfect balance between cost and quality, which was a vital consideration throughout the design process.

- James Twelves, Nuclear AMRC Midlands

The Nuclear AMRC is dedicated to helping UK manufacturers win work across the nuclear sector. As part of the national High Value Manufacturing Catapult, it collaborates with companies to improve their productivity, save energy, and reduce costs.

With the centre expanding from its original research factory in Rotherham to the new state-of-the-art Nuclear AMRC Midlands facility in Derby, it was crucial to ensure an impressive, yet standardised technology infrastructure was in place to support the building.

After successfully delivering several high-quality projects at the original Nuclear AMRC and across the University of Sheffield AMRC estate, Pure AV was selected as the integrator capable of deploying and managing such a project.

Pure AV's unique ability to work with third-party contractors, standardise workspaces regardless of geographical location, and provide comprehensive technical support across the United Kingdom was an instrumental factor in the Nuclear AMRC's decision making process.

Prior to the construction of the new facility, Pure AV engaged closely with the Nuclear AMRC to determine expectations, understand budgets, and develop a detailed project plan.

From here, Pure AV's in-house professionals joined forces to design a system that remained within budget, provided the utmost level of security, ensured consistency for Nuclear AMRC personnel, and enabled IT stakeholders to centrally manage and monitor all devices from a separate location.

Pure AV understood a project of this scale would require a dedicated Project Manager to ensure all systems were installed in-line with the third-party contractor timescales.

After a thorough evaluation of our comprehensive proposal, the Nuclear AMRC granted approval to proceed with the project.

Reception Space Audio Visual Solution at the Nuclear AMRC

A Welcoming Modern Space

As visitors step into this remarkable open-plan area, they are immediately captivated by a stunning 130” Samsung LED, 1.5mm pixel-pitch video wall housed within a custom surround by Quadra AV Furniture for added visual impact.

A space designed to serve as both a warm and inviting reception area, as well as a versatile space capable of accommodating large open-plan conferences and presentations, it was pivotal that the AV system was flexible and could be controlled by users of ranging skill sets.

On a day-to-day basis, the ONELAN digital signage platform enables the seamless deployment of content from an off-site location. This powerful system allows for quick and efficient updates and deployment of content, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience for all.

When hosting large-scale events, Extron source control provides the ability to quickly connect devices via HDMI and automatically deploy content to the audience via the video wall. Once the presentation concludes, users can effortlessly detach their devices, and the ONELAN digital signage reverts back to the predefined content.

To further enhance the overall experience in this space, Extron control provides users with the flexibility to finely tune the audio levels across strategically positioned Cornered Audio Ci4-V passive loudspeakers within the area.

Collaboration Space at the Nuclear AMRC

Streamlined Spaces for Best in Class Collaboration

Collaborating with numerous partner organisations, the Nuclear AMRC required an effective way to meet across video. However, it was clear from the beginning of the project that not every partner utilised the same video service.

To tackle such a challenge, our specialists recommended taking an agnostic approach in each collaboration space. After reviewing several options with the Nuclear AMRC, it was agreed that the Barco ClickShare Conference was the ideal solution due to the simplistic end-user approach, and strong alliances with other leading technology vendors.

An intuitively simple wireless conferencing system, users simply walk into the room, connect their device to the ClickShare dongle, launch the desired video service, and instantly activate the in-room peripherals - all without cables.

All audio and video within these spaces is handled via Biamp ceiling speakers, and a Logitech Rally camera ensures perfect coverage, regardless of where users are located in the space.

To complete the small and medium-sized spaces, bespoke Quadra collaboration furniture with integrated 75" iiyama display and AMX cable cubbies have been carefully placed in each table to maximise the user experience and provide further choice in how to use the space.

For the larger meeting space, a 98" LG LED display sits at the front of the area to ensure picture quality of the highest standard.

By adopting a series of technology standards across each collaboration space, users of the rooms now have access to high quality technology to get meetings started as quickly as possible.

Being a technologically advanced digital building, it was essential for the project to incorporate state-of-the-art features. Ensuring that staff and partners could easily and successfully engage in excellent meeting experiences within the space. This was a crucial factor in ensuring user adoption and maintaining strong partner relationships.

- James Twelves, Nuclear AMRC Midlands

Boardroom AV Solution at the Nuclear AMRC

A Flagship Boardroom Experience

One of the most spacious and flexible meeting rooms within the facility is the boardroom. This room can serve as a standard meeting space or be transformed into a presentation area for smaller groups.

At the front of this space, a 130” Samsung LED video wall has been placed to provide exceptional clarity to every room user. Two Angekis PTZ cameras are strategically positioned at opposite ends of the boardroom to capture both the participants and the presenter. For optimal audio coverage, an array of Biamp ceiling speakers have also been placed across the area.

To accommodate the diverse range of inputs, an iPad-based system was developed by the in-house Pure AV programming team to provide users with an easy way to select between a presentation or video conferencing setup, based on their specific needs.

Digital Signage at the Nuclear AMRC

Enhanced Communication with Digital Signage

Throughout the remainder of the building, five 65" LG displays have been positioned to showcase important content and messages to staff, stakeholders, and other visitors through the ONELAN platform.

Behind four of which, sits a Barco ClickShare Present receiver unit, allowing users to quickly share their own content to any of the displays on demand, making every space completely flexible and a perfect opportunity for ad-hoc discussions and reviews.

Meeting Space at the Nuclear AMRC

Benefiting from Long Term Partnerships

Through a strategic partnership with Pure AV, the Nuclear AMRC now has access to a diverse range of technologies that greatly enhance productivity for users with different skill sets. By seamlessly aligning the technology with other sites, all devices can be effortlessly managed from a centralised location.

Every system, including the agnostic collaboration system and the digital communications infrastructure, has been proven to be an invaluable tool for the organisation and it's users.

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