Staffordshire University Esports

Staffordshire University Audio Visual Case Study
The hub is a place where students can learn in a real-life setting and understand what goes on behind-the-scenes of a major esports event. We have been working closely with industry employers who believe that this hands-on experience is vital.

- Stuart Kosters, Lecturer in eSports, Staffordshire University

Esports is thriving and crying out for talent able to support the dynamic growth and rapid professionalisation of the industry. Staffordshire University is recognised as one of the largest and best games universities in the UK.

Pure AV worked with the University on the realisation of the Esports Hub. The Hub is a training room designed to enable budding Esports managers, shoutcasters and broadcasters to learn their craft in a dedicated custom-built environment. Equipped with the latest gaming software, cameras, lighting and broadcast kit; the facilities enable the delivery of practical, experience-based learning.

The space that has become the Esports Hub was originally a 30 seat PC lab set out in a traditional layout with a podium used for front of class teaching. The new usage of the room required a complete re-design of the space and for the existing AV to be modified to suit the new teaching style and physical layout of the room.


The Solution

The new Esports Hub layout is based around 6 a side PC gaming. There are 12 gaming workstations with Razer mice and headphones.

The Hub is also designed to allow students to host and broadcast live esports events. High end broadcast cameras are used to capture the live commentary which is mixed with the online gaming action and then output in a 4K stream on You Tube and Twitch.

There is a broadcast gallery, specialist lighting and a studio area able to accommodate three presenters and two shoutcasters along with spectator seating.


The Results

The Esports hub offers a centerpiece to a course that has already received fantastic feedback from industry and prospective students. The technology and facilities now available considered to have played a pivotal part in driving the high levels of demand and student recruitment for the new courses.

Visiting the hub, prospective student Jamie said:

It looks really professional – I love the lighting and the layout. When I came in it cemented that this is the course I want to do. I’ve been watching esports for a long time but never thought there would be a pathway to get into it.

- Jamie, Prospective Student

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