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Staffordshire University Testimonial

The idea is to create a flexible and adaptable room able to meet the needs of a variety of learning styles.

Mark Savage Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching, Staffordshire University

Earlier this summer Nial Anderson from InAVate visited Staffordshire University to find out how a new installation of the Wolfvision CYNAP is helping to support collaboration in the classroom.

Project Brief

Located in the home of the University’s business school the room is designed to provide a flexible teaching space that enables seamless interaction between students and staff. It also addresses the need to accommodate the growing number of both student and teacher devices in use within the teaching space.

As Mark Savage, associate dean of learning and teaching at Staffordshire University explains in the article,
“The idea is to create a flexible and adaptable room able to meet the needs of a variety of learning styles”.

The Results

The staff at Staffordshire University are extremely enthusiastic about their new collaborative space and this level of engagement an interest in collaborative learning is something that we are starting to witness at other institutions across the UK.

Tony Crossley, pre-sales technical director at Pure AV explains that it is an interesting time as far as collaboration in teaching and learning is concerned.

“There are more and more new technologies becoming available to facilitate collaborative spaces, however, the technology is only one part. It is clear from our wider experiences this summer that a successful collaboration space needs engagement from both academic staff, university management and IT and networking from a very early stage in order to achieve its full potential. We were fortunate at Staffordshire University to have active cooperation from each of these key areas”.

The Solution

The introduction of the Wolfvision CYNAP, the first to be installed anywhere in the world, came about following a discussion with Pure AV and a subsequent visit to ISE in Amsterdam. The ability to enable multicast streaming of content to any device and ability to handle multiple wired and wireless inputs as well as multiple input and output streams made it a good fit for the collaboration room project.

For Ed Matthews, the university’s senior IT and Learning technology officer “it [CYNAP] seemed to tick all the boxes on what was required”.

In room control is managed from an Extron touch panel located on a lectern at the front of class that also contains the Wolfvision CYNAP, a blu-ray player and visualiser. From here lecturers can plug in their laptop either via VGA or digitally via HDMI and manage volume and source selection and distribution through the touch panel.

With such a flexible system, ease of use is a key consideration, as Matthews points out in the InAVate article.

“the system is based around touch screen technology with which lecturers are already familiar and training and drop-in sessions have been organised to cover anything more complicated”.

To read full details of the project download the InAVate article highlighted on this page,


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