Ulster University’s Belfast campus brings the University to the forefront of education

Ulster University Lecture Theatre
The flexibility and understanding shown by the Pure AV team has been exceptional. They went the extra mile to ensure that our requirements were exceeded in delivering an exciting, technology rich environment for learning.

- Norman Blair, Head of DISD GBD Delivery Programme, Ulster University

Spanning over 75,000m2, Ulster University's expanded Belfast campus is a state-of-the-art development that has catapulted the University to the forefront of higher education and events.

During construction, the University identified an opportunity to provide an enhanced digital experience for staff, students, and visitors to the campus.

Through a £6m digital transformation project, the University made the strategic decision to equip it's spaces with a number of innovative, sector leading, learning technologies.

Pure AV, in partnership with Visual Systems Ireland were awarded the contract to deliver a series of standardised AV systems to align with the University's vision of a more sustainable, connected, and flexible campus.

Consisting of over 300 learning and work spaces, the development brings together a series of technology rich meeting rooms, teaching spaces, social areas, and lecture theatres.

Each audio visual system has been designed to not only enhance each space, but to bring an easy to use, consistent experience for all users of the systems.

Ulster University Lecture Theatre

High quality large group learning

The audio visual system in both lecture theatres is designed with academics and students in mind. Ceiling mounted NEC projection systems bring large scale content to the space, and a combination of JBL and Biamp speakers enable delegates to hear clearly, regardless of where they are seated.

High-quality wireless content sharing has been brought to the spaces through a Mersive Solstice system, allowing content to be shared from personal devices onto the main projection display. To enhance the experience further, a Top-Tec lectern with an integrated visualiser and Extron control panel has been provided in each lecture theatre to enable both control of the technology and content from a central point.

Active Learning Suite at Ulster University
The dedicated Active Learning Suites provide an enhanced learning environment designed to facilitate peer, social and collaborative learning in teams and groups through the devices students have with them.

- Richard Beggs, Lecturer in Higher Education Practice, Ulster University

A modern approach to group and collaborative working

For collaborative learning, a number of dedicated Active Learning Suites provide students with a space to learn, share ideas and discuss course content.

Stylish and elegant collaboration furniture with integrated display screens has been incorporated into the spaces, to allow students to gather in groups, and eliminate the need for fixed displays on the wall.

Content sharing to the in-room displays is achieved via the Mersive Active Learning system, giving students a mechanism to share content from their own devices to a choice of single, or multiple displays within the space.

High quality spaces for video collaboration

Flexible meeting and learning spaces offer accommodation for between 4 and 350 people, and feature technology to suit a number of different learning styles. To bring complete flexibility to the meeting spaces, a significant number have been equipped with video conferencing tools, enabling video collaboration when needed.

Practical Learning at Ulster University

Streaming and recording of practical sessions

The Academy Kitchen is a full commercial kitchen, offering a location to complete practical sessions while instructors supervise from a separate location.

PTZ cameras capture the activity, and the visual signals are routed by an Extron system, allowing playback and review, resulting in a truly unobtrusive learning experience.

Wireless sharing via the Mersive Solstice system enables students to showcase their work to the in-room display screen via their own devices.

Digital Signage at Ulster University

Digital signage for high impact messaging

Digital signage throughout the campus gives the University a powerful way to convey key messages to students, staff, visitors, and other delegates.

Powered by the NowSignage platform, bespoke totems with integrated NEC displays enable quick and efficient content deployment to different areas of campus, ensuring everyone gets the right message at the right time. An additional 135" NEC LFD has also been integrated into the reception area, allowing for the display of high-quality visuals for those entering the building.

Moot Court at Ulster University

Standardising technology to create a leading facility for education and events

By standardising the technology around the Belfast campus, Ulster University has a solution that requires minimal system training, is scalable, and can be replicated across all spaces. 

The user-friendly nature of the audio-visual system allows the University to host conferences and events, not only to internal stakeholders, but for external users - bringing high-quality experiences to the city that wouldn't have been possible without the new technology.

The level of commitment, professionalism, flexibility, and quality in delivery provided by the team at Pure AV was simply outstanding.

- Mark Taglietti, Chief Digital & Information Officer, Ulster University

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