University College Birmingham deliver cost effective spaces across campus

University College Birmingham - Audio Visual Case Study
I was very pleased that we had the opportunity to work with Pure AV on a project of this scale. I’m immensely proud of how we’ve collectively progressed through the project and delivered it to the absolutely fantastic end result we now have. The students now have a dynamic, digital lab which enhances teaching and learning with modern technical skills for the digital age within a growing student-centred university.

- Pooran Kumar, Director of IT and Digital Infrastructure, University College Birmingham

University College Birmingham is a prestigious institution dedicated to providing career-focused education at apprenticeship, foundation, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels.

To ensure a consistent flow of top talent from both local and international sources, the university has strategically invested £160m into a range of new campuses and cutting edge learning technologies.

The university sought to secure the services of an experienced audio visual integrator to undertake largescale projects with complete confidence. Following a series of discussions, it was clear to the university that Pure AV was the integrator capable of managing the project from concept to completion.​​​​​​

From the outset, the university made it clear that any audio visual systems should not only be cost-effective, but also generate a return on investment.

With this in mind, Pure AV proposed a solution that retained as much of the original equipment as possible, only upgrading when necessary. A series of new technologies would increase flexibility and enhance the experience for students and academics. 

To identify equipment that could be retained, Pure AV surveyed each space to identify a number of original technologies that were still functioning effectively.

From here, our experienced design, programming and installation teams worked together to successfully integrate the existing equipment with any new systems, with minimal disruption.

University College Birmingham Lecterns

Bringing an updated user experience to learning spaces

A considerable number of spaces being upgraded were the university's teaching and learning spaces. To remain cost effective in our approach, we carefully crafted a solution that retained any existing projection, cameras, audio systems and room control in these spaces.

During early discussions with the university, it was agreed that users of each learning space would have access to a more collaborative experience and increased flexibility. To achieve this, TOP-TEC lecterns were deployed across each space with integrated source switching and room control.

Continuing with the cost-effective approach, our team provided a series of re-programmed AMX control (existing equipment) and new Extron control with occupancy sensors and confidence monitors to deliver an experience commonly found in today's higher education learning spaces.

Each Extron control system was was fully programmed by Pure AV's in-house team, giving the university the option to make further changes in the future if required.

Cyber Lab at University College Birmingham

An inclusive approach to hands-on learning

As part of the campus upgrade, a brand new Cyber Security Lab was created. A space for practical and project-based learning, it was pivotal to provide students with everything they needed to learn effectively.

Before the project began, the space was just a storage area for the university's audio visual and IT teams. Working closely with the university, we came up with a plan on how to transform the room into a fully-functioning learning space.

Everything, from the seating arrangements to the placement of the technology in the room, has been well thought out to provide a high-quality experience for both students and academics.

As the room is limited in space, it was important to design a seating arrangement that made the most of the area. We provided TOP-TEC Crucibles with centralised poles to enable easy cable management and eliminate the need for floor boxes. 

To make the most of desk space, each Crucible provides students with access to two vertically-stacked monitors in which lecturers can cast content to - providing a more inclusive learning experience for all. 

Students benefit from a 360 degree view of all course materials, with two 86 inch Sharp/NEC interactive displays at the front of the space and several 50 inch Philips displays placed throughout the area.

It was also important to ensure low-latency, high-quality content sharing within the space. To achieve this, an AV over IP solution by Wyrestorm was chosen to handle all signal routing.

Another impressive element to the space comes in the form of the custom programmed Crestron room control system. Programmed by Pure AV's in-house team, the lecturer has complete control of in-room lighting to simulate a cyber attack, while also having the ability to share content from external sources across the in-room displays.

The excellent layout of the cyber lab provides comfort to both learners and tutors for assigning activities and providing assistance as needed. Unlike a typical computer room where tutors may struggle to access learners due to computer arrangements, the cyber lab's layout allows for easy support for all learners, regardless of their seating arrangement. Additionally, the well-maintained spacing between towers contributes to the room's ambiance.

- Nandini Vijay, Lecturer, University College Birmingham

Presentation Space at University College Birmingham

High quality, open plan presentation spaces

Camden House is the location of the university's engineering department, which serves as the ideal space for group discussions and presentations. A sought after space, the system needed to provide a consistent and intuitive experience for all users.

Biamp ceiling speakers provide high-quality audio that can be heard by all, no matter where they are seated.

To ensure all content is clearly visible, two impressive 86 inch iiyama displays are featured at the front of the room, and with the Kramer Via system, content sharing from external devices is intuitively simple. 

When the space is not in use, the displays switch to digital signage mode for additional flexibility. This makes Camden House the prime location for any meeting, presentation, or group discussion.

University College Birmingham Restaurant

A world class training restaurant

Another space that truly stands out is the university's restaurant. This unique area not only serves as a place for students to work and learn, but it also provides a dynamic and engaging atmosphere that accurately captures a true to life working environment.

Throughout the process of designing this space, we worked closely with the university, taking great care to ensure that every detail was perfectly executed. 

From the finely tuned audio system that sets the perfect atmosphere, to the live streaming technology that allows lecturers to review student's work in real time, this space represents the best of what the university has to offer.

Whether set up as multiple spaces, or as a single space, guests, lecturers and academics experience an audio-visual solution that puts an exciting twist on learning at University College Birmingham.

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