University of Bedfordshire STEM Building

Investing in technology on the cutting edge of their fields is vital to the student experience at Bedfordshire. The technology we use allows students to experience industry-level practices and gain the skills necessary to attain these new knowledge bases for their future careers.

The STEM building serves as an icon for the town, symbolising our commitment to skills, scientific discovery and an unimaginable future. Our goal is not simply to help our students achieve a degree, but to prepare them for their future and help them achieve their aims and ambitions.

- Robert Keane, Vice Chancellor, University of Bedfordshire

As part of a £180 million modernisation project, The University of Bedfordshire’s new STEM building on the Luton Campus is set to shape futures around the globe.

Pure AV were tasked with the challenge of designing an innovative, future proof audio visual solution to create an engaging and collaborative learning experience for STEM staff and students.

Designed to the University’s specification, the £500k audio visual project was completed in September 2019 and included the installation and commissioning of 14+ spaces consisting of labs, clean rooms, classrooms, collaboration spaces and other speciality rooms.

Key drivers for the project were to expand the University’s course portfolio, grow student numbers, improve facilities for STEM academics and to bring students together through a modern, collaborative learning environment.


The Solution

The technology implemented across all rooms reflected the ethos of technology and original brief, enhancing the overall student experience.

High quality projection and displays were implemented to cater for student viewing angles as well as crystal clear audio reproduction from microphones and program sound.

Through collaboration with Pure AV’s carefully selected partners, the project has enabled the university to harness the technological potential of solutions manufactured by Top-Tec, Shure, Wyrestorm and Epson.


The Benefits

The project harnesses technologies including AV over IP and networked audio, maximising the flexibility of teaching delivery and the available teaching space.

The new facilities provide students with access to high-quality learning environments in the critical area of STEM based education, maximising the student learning experience.

The new learning spaces are dynamic and reconfigurable, allowing us to use them for different class sizes and teaching styles.

I really like the mobility of the audio and that, if needed, lecterns can be moved around in larger spaces. The roaming radio microphone is also great as it allows a lecturer to move around the room without affecting the level of audio. The layout of the projector screens is also very useful and allows students a clear view from different angles.

Overall, students have been very positive and feel that the new spaces are innovative and of high quality.

- Dr Paul Saint, Head of School of Computer Science and Technology, University of Bedfordshire

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