The Laser Showcase Legacy

In October 2016, an event was held at the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester that brought together some of the world's leading projector and display manufacturers in an end-user showcase that surpassed all expectations - the award winning Pure AV Laser Showcase.

The highlight of the event was a blind projector shootout, asking delegates to evaluate the quality of the projected images of 6 leading manufacturer models (the identity of each concealed under a cabinet).

Taking six top manufacturer's 6000 lumens laser projector, covering them and then allowing potential customers to judge for themselves which they preferred was a bold move not only for Pure AV but also the manufacturers whose reputations were on the line.

There were nerves, surprises and healthy banter throughout the shootout but the results were conclusive; laser was definitely the future for projection and Panasonic with it's PT-RZ660 crowned as top performing model was leading the way.

The Impact

Over a year on and we revisit shootout winners Panasonic to get their views on the impact laser projection has had in the market place, what the future holds for the technology and take a look at some of the highlights from their current and newly launched ranges.

Panasonic - A view on Laser


Projector Highlights

PT-MZ670 - Introducing 3LCD Laser (click here)

The MZ670 combines Panasonic's outstanding Solid Shine laser with 3LCD technology to produce vivid, crisp images. Offering high brightness of 6500 lumens, WUXGA resolution and a high contrast ratio (3,000 000:1), while the Detail Clarity Processor 4 image processing circuit optimizes images, making them clearer and sharper.

Thanks to the MZ670 series’ flexible installation options, the projectors can be used in classrooms and meeting rooms of almost any size. The lenses are interchangeable (compatible with PT-EZ770 series lenses) so the same projector can be used in smaller or larger rooms.

The optional wireless ET-WM300 module adds a wide range of collaboration capabilities which allow you to project wirelessly from multiple devices, present without a PC, and network and stream content securely. These functions make the MZ670 perfect for student presentations, interactive lectures, training, brainstorming and other collaborative meetings.

PT-RZ660 - Shootout Winner (click here)

PT-RZ660 - Voted Top Performer

With Panasonic’s award-winning SOLID SHINE Laser drive at its heart, together with the latest DLP™ imaging technology, the PT-RZ660 is primed to deliver unfailingly brilliant pictures in a broad range of venues and applications.

Set brightness according to ambient conditions and extend maintenance-free life further, with minimal degradation in picture brightness and realism, or exploit a raft of features that make rigging, rental, and staging easier and more cost effective.

A lightweight heavy-hitter with stamina to last, it’s the logical choice.

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