Why the ClickShare Wireless Conferencing System is a Great Choice for Hybrid Collaboration

Hybrid Meetings with Barco ClickShare

Barco ClickShare is a wireless conferencing system designed to change the way you meet and collaborate, in one click.

The triple agnostic approach to the ClickShare allows you to bring the highest levels of flexibility to any meeting space. You can choose the video service you want, the device you want, and the in-room peripherals you want.

Teams User? No problem. Zoom user? No problem. Undecided? You guessed it...no problem!

So, if you’re looking for a way to bring wireless conferencing and collaboration to your meeting spaces, read on to find out how the Barco ClickShare could benefit your organisation.

Alternatively, if you already know about the ClickShare and want to try it out, we've partnered with Barco to give you a free trial of the solution. Simply click the link, head over to the Barco website, and complete the details required.

Barco ClickShare Button

How ClickShare is solving meeting space challenges

Since lockdown restrictions were lifted, many businesses have shifted toward a hybrid working approach. Whether a 60/40 split, 40/60 split, or anything else, it’s quite normal to have at least one remote participant in any given meeting.

Before the pandemic, research carried out by Barco found that on average, meetings could take around 12 minutes to get started. By today’s standards, this simply isn’t good enough.

As laptop driven meetings over Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Cisco WebEx are now part of our daily lives, it's time to bring that same experience into the meeting space.

The ClickShare by Barco is a BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) solution to get your collaboration sessions started in as little as seven seconds, whether in-person or remote. No more waiting around trying to understand why the audio, video, or room credentials aren't working. Just straight forward collaboration.

Hybrid Collaboration with ClickShare

The benefits of ClickShare and the BYOM approach

BYOM is a natural extension of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

A major limitation of the BYOD era was, to put it simply, that meetings weren't great.

Users were often using their own laptop cameras and speakers – resulting in poor audio quality with several people crowded around a single laptop screen.

The BYOM approach of ClickShare successfully challenged the status quo. You can now connect to in-room cameras, microphones, and displays, while having full control of the video service, personal device, and location of your meetings. Choice, flexibility, and quality is the central idea behind BYOM.

One of the great things about the ClickShare is the simplistic approach. Plug in the ClickShare button (dongle), click, and the in-room peripherals will activate. You are now ready to launch your video service of choice, and start collaborating.

Many people remember the days when you needed to pass cables between colleagues to shaee content. ClickShare has solved this one too! Meeting participants can have a button each, and seamlessly take control of content sharing – giving the meeting a more professional look and feel overall.

Without the BYOM approach that ClickShare provides, it would be a challenge to find a single solution that can provide so much flexibility in a meeting space. ClickShare really does provide everything you need for successful collaboration.

ClickShare vs Native Room Systems

When would you choose the ClickShare over native room systems?

The ClickShare is a great option if you don’t want to be tied to a specific video service or conferencing platform. It can also be a great option for times when you are unable to run cables behind walls or under floors (listed buildings for example).

On the other hand, native systems are ‘locked-in’ to a soft-client (Microsoft Teams, Zoom etc) until reconfigured, or new kit purchased. Features such as ‘Guest Join’ are available in native spaces, but are limited in functionality. With a native room approach, such as Microsoft Teams Rooms, organisations are also required to purchase a licence for the room. Choosing a BYOM solution takes away the requirement of needing a room licence.

For complete transparency, although the ClickShare, compliments the meeting space, it is not Certified for Microsoft Teams.

Overall, ClickShare is a great solution for both ad-hoc and planned meetings in huddle spaces, meeting rooms, and even larger environments. By taking a laptop based approach, you not only have access to the device you are most familiar with, but you also have full access to your content which can be shared at the click of a button.

Bonus content: If you're considering a native room approach, why not check out our Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Video Meetings using ClickShare

ClickShare even works with popular video conferencing equipment

Although there are a number of wireless conferencing systems on the market, the ClickShare remains a firm favourite for many businesses.

To ensure the ClickShare works in all types of meeting spaces, Barco has formed strategic alliances with a number of leading 3rd party equipment manufacturers such as Logitech, Poly, Sennheiser, Shure, Biamp, Yealink, and many others.

The simplistic approach of ClickShare means there is no training required in any BYOM environment. Just walk in, click the button, and start collaborating.

First time installation of the ClickShare button is easy too. Windows users benefit from a 'plug and play' installation, whereas Mac users run the installation file that comes shipped with the hardware.

Overall, the ClickShare remains an excellent way to overcome a number of challenges in any meeting space. From small rooms, through to large, there is a reason why the ClickShare is a popular choice across all sectors and verticals.

We hope this guide has helped you understand more about the Barco ClickShare and how it could help your business. If you're ready to try the Barco ClickShare in one of your spaces, claim your free 4 week trial of the ClickShare.

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