Sign In and Visitor Management Systems

Designed with and for education, InVentry's fully-equipped MIS integrated solution allows you to accurately monitor who is in school at any one time. InVentry speeds up the sign in process, keeps identity information secure, and leaves schools’ feeling confident that their students are safe.

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Find out more about how the Inventory system is helping schools with visitor management and student safeguarding.

GDPR is here - are you meeting your obligations? (Click here)

Benefits of a digital sign in system for GDPR compliance

With the new GDPR regulations now in effect lots of schools are feeling the benefits of investment in a digital sign in system.

InVentry sign in solutions prevent access to another person's sign in information. They provide a straight forward way to gain and manage consent at the point of signing in. Encryption helps to keep your data safe and digital records make it easy to manage requests for access and removal of personal data.

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