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O-Line has proved ideal for awkward, multi-purpose spaces with difficult acoustics, where a discreet solution is required. As a result, we have O-Line in well over half of the north west universities and all the Liverpool universities — with more to come!

Colin Hasted Audio Specialist, Pure AV

Martin Audio’s O-Line micro array systems provide flexible solution for University clients.


Martin Audio’s latest compendium of education case studies features a range of projects completed by Pure AV using the award-winning O-Line micro array system. First adopted by Pure AV 5 years ago on a project at the Energus events/conference venue in Workington, the application of O-Line has continued at a rapid pace and now features in well over half of the north west based universities as well as in all of the Liverpool Universities.

The Results

O-Line has proved ideal for awkward, multi-purpose spaces with difficult acoustics and where a discreet solution is required. Colin Hasted, audio specialist at Pure comments, “We love the system for its versatility — it’s extremely good for speech and with the sub added in it gives a punchy music response. Once the system is balanced you can throw anything at it and it never sounds harsh — the clarity is hugely impressive”.

Good Quality FOH reinforcement:
The auditorium at Energus provides a good example of how despite a circular room with a difficult acoustic, Pure AV was able to use the O-Line solution to provide good quality FOH reinforcement. The ability to precisely manage the directivity of sound ensured that Pure was able to avoid excessive spill into the ceiling void and presentation area, helping to deliver a clear listening experience.

Even Coverage and excellent intelligibility:
At the 264-capacity Main Arts Lecture Theatre Bangor University, Pure was able to deliver even coverage and excellent intelligibility without the need for a separate vocal PA system.

Accurate audio to address reverberation issues:
Lancaster University LICA building is entirely built from wood and suffered from reverberation issues. The specification of O-Line meant that the audio could be accurately aimed to limit any hard reflections from the back wall. Mainly a drama space, the speech intelligibility we were able to deliver from head and lapel mics was especially important.

Different array sizes to match theatre dimensions and deliver consistent voicing:
At Liverpool John Moores University the use of twin O-Line eight-cell hangs in a large lecture space, with further twin O-Line six-cells in two smaller spaces not only suited the theatre dimensions but also ensured consistent voicing across all three theatres.

Sound control without the expense of sympathetic acoustic treatment:
At Liverpool Hope University’s Everton Hall, the O-Line system was able to bring the sound under control despite the vaulted ceiling and without the need for expensive sympathetic acoustic treatment.

Also featured in the compendium of O-Line case studies are the University of Manchester and Keele University. To read the complete story along with additional details on the solutions provided please download the full case study.


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