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The Walton Centre Testimonial

People really enjoy using the rooms, we have already seen benefits in terms of improved access to education and training.

Emma Krinks Training and Development Manager, The Walton Centre

Opened in January 2015, the education centre is part of The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust’s £29m Sid Watkins Building. Situated on the second floor, and designed for flexible use, it provides first class training facilities for doctors and staff as well as space for meetings and practical training.

Project Brief

Following competitive tender, Pure AV were awarded the contract for the design and installation of the dedicated 100 seat lecture theatre along with the cabling and installation of existing hardware for four additional training rooms.

The Results

“With the introduction of the new facilities the old struggles to find space have been confined to history, usage levels of the room are high, yet from an IT support perspective we have very few call outs; the ease of use that Pure AV has created, means that many of the room users are entirely self-sufficient”. Lee Thompson, IT infrastructure architect, The Walton Centre

In addition to satisfying in-house requirements, the education centre is now able to host external conferences; creating a key opportunity for revenue generation.

“It is very straightforward, external organisations are able to bring their own IT and connect easily with both main and secondary displays, feedback has been great”. Emma Krinks, training and development manager, The Walton Centre

The Solution

The Trust required the creation of a flexible space able to host large front of room presentation as well as cater for smaller break-out sessions. The Trust specified the positioning of the two secondary interactive screens, which they also provided. Pure selected the Epson EB-G6650WU projector for the main front of room display.

The space needed to be both flexible and easy to manage. From the room users perspective control is managed via an iPad situated on the lectern at the front of the room. This is linked to a Crestron controller and Kramer switching system, the audio was handled by a Soundweb BSS-Blu100 DSP unit with additional BSS BLU-BIB, this feeds a Crown XLI1500 amplifier and a pair of Tannoy D18 DC speakers. Voice reinforcement was from eight Ohm CL-1T ceiling speakers. There are eight ceiling microphones to provide total coverage for the Video Conference system.

The microphone system from RevoLabs, featuring the RF Armour Wearable and Dynamic XLR wireless microphone is also proving to be very popular due to the excellent sound quality and ease of use.

The addition of video conferencing has further increased the flexibility of the space, facilitating MDT meetings and enabling greater collaboration between Walton Centre staff and colleagues at other organisations. This ability for remote collaboration is a feature that The Walton Centre is keen to develop.

As Emma Krinks confirms, “People really enjoy using the rooms, we have already seen benefits in terms of improved access to education and training; as we move forward I believe there is a real opportunity to leverage the video conferencing capability to positively influence collaboration and the sharing of best practice. To date, we have really only scratched the surface”.

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