12 Days, 12 Ways to get back to work in 2021

12 Days, 12 Ways - Pure AV Festive Features

We've brought together a collection of tips, tricks and technology to help you make a positive return to the office in 2021. 

12 days, 12 pieces of advice exploring different aspects of digital transformation and hybrid working. 

With contributions from leading manufacturers and guidance from the Pure AV team, we hope you find the information helpful as you navigate your return to office. 

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Day 01 - Getting Back to Business infographic

Four ways the pandemic has changed our workplaces and four areas we must address to drive success in the new hybrid world of work. Download the infographic.


Day 02 - How meeting spaces have changed since lockdown

Mohammed-Arif Khalifa of Microsoft shares research about how meetings have changed since lockdown - and what that means as we plan to go back to the office.


Day 03 - Turn native meeting rooms into BYOD hubs

You’ve got a dedicated Teams or Zoom room. You want the option to walk in with a laptop and run a meeting from a different platform AND use the in-room cameras and mics. What do you do? Logitech Swytch could be just the thing you need.

Take a look at the video to find out more. 


Day 04 - Tap into the power of your local network

As we return to regional lockdown, it’s vital that business get the support they need. In today’s video we take look at ways your local business network can help. Here are links to some of those featured:

Peer Networks ProgrammeLocal Growth Hub Finder, and www.britishchambers.org.uk/.


Day 05 - 9 apps for your digital workplace toolbox

We've compiled a list of 9 apps that can improve your overall collaboration experience in the workplace. Download the infographic.


Day 06 - Bringing the Microsoft Teams Experience to your meeting rooms

We caught up with Mo from Microsoft to learn more about bringing the Microsoft Teams experience to your meeting room environments. Watch the video.


Day 07 - Desk Booking Systems in the Workplace with Ascentae

Ascentae share the key reasons why business are turning to desk booking systems as they plan the future of their office spaces. Watch the video.


Day 08 - 5 tips for the return to the office with Crestron

Charles James, Business Development Director at Creston shares his 5 top tips to enable an effective return to the office. Watch the video.


Day 09 - How to choose the right devices for your Microsoft Teams rooms

Mohammed-Arif Khalifa of Microsoft is back with his third and final instalment. In this video, Mo tells us how to choose the right equipment for your MTR's.


Day 10 - Enhance the collaboration experience with Avocor

In this video, David Bristol of Avocor shares 3 ways to enhance collaboration by utilising Avocor interactive technologies and how they fit into the hybrid workplace.


Day 11 - How to use the Logitech Swytch in your native meeting spaces

Ryan Reeves of Logitech provides a live demonstration of the Logitech Swytch in action. Watch the video and speak to our experts if you would like more information about this product.


Day 12 - 5 Steps to creating a hybrid workplace that thrives

In the final instalment of our #12days12ways series, we explore how you can bring several ideas together to create successful hybrid workspaces. Watch the video for more information.

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