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Audio visual to create impact, communicate with guests and deliver high quality business facilities.

Our work in the hospitality and leisure sector covers a wide range of businesses and applications all with the common need for impactful, reliable and easy to manage audio visual systems.

We’ve installed show stopping video walls in hotels and leisure centres designed to create impact but also to provide the opportunity to inform and entertain guests and visitors.

We design flexible conference and meeting facilities to maximise the potential usage of the space whilst introducing room control and room booking systems to ensure a trouble free experience for room users and minimum input from in house technicians.

In large venues and conference halls where clear sound is critical, our in-house audio specialists create a balanced, high quality listening experience even when faced with the most difficult of venues.

The concourse signage we install in sports stadiums and race courses creates a canvas to share information with fans as well as the opportunity for sponsorship and revenue generation from advertising.

These are just a small selection of the ways in which we work with our hospitality and leisure clients. for more information please contact us.

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