Pure AV is an award winning audiovisual integrator and an approved supplier on the NHS SBS framework. We have experience in the design, installation and support of audiovisual services for a wide range of applications, including MDT rooms, clinical simulation suites, healthcare TV, telemedicine and training.

Our solutions are designed to help healthcare professionals improve communication, maximise resources and achieve successful, cost-effective collaboration in the delivery of patient care.

MDT Rooms


Keeping it simple is the key to a successful MDT room. See and hear all of the information necessary to successfully complete your patient review. Experience the same clear communication and visibility of information whether joining as a remote participant or based in the room.

With a range of video conferencing, display and audio options to choose from, we can build the best solution to meet your environment.

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Lecture Theatres

Medical Lecture Theatre

Training is an important part of life within the NHS. When image and audio quality is below standard it can have a detrimental impact on learning outcomes as attendees struggle to see and hear the information presented.

Over the past 15 years we have worked with many Trusts to create or upgrade lecture theatre spaces with reliable, simple to use technology to assist teaching staff as they deliver training and conference events.

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Clinical Simulation Suite

Clinical Simulation Suite

Simulation suites are a invaluable tool in the preparation of clinical staff for the challenges they will face working within the NHS.

We understand the importance of real-time capture of the actions of those undertaking the training and the ability to play-back and analyse every aspect of the activity. We also understand that keeping the recording, management and manipulation of content is crucial.

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Video collaboration


Video Collaboration is helping to make significant gains in efficiency and productivity. It has become an accepted and widely adopted method of communication that is helping to save time and tackle unnecessary spending and travel.

By adopting effective video collaboration, the healthcare sector can profit from the same benefits as the commercial sector. And do it in a way that is secure, reliable and easy to use.

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AV Healthcheck

AV Healthcheck

Do you have a screen that needs replacing, or a projector coming to the end of its life? If you think your display and audio equipment could do better, it probably can!

Fixing audiovisual performance issues can be more cost-effective and straightforward than you think.

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