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Digital signage saves money and streamlines the communications with the viewer, for various applications. Digital display screens can help produce tangible returns on the investment through such things as:

Cost efficiency – Any changes to the printed material used for menus, pricing and promotion adds layers of cost – from creative, pre-production, printing and transport to the time needed for staff to put the new materials in place. Digital signage removes almost all of that.

Timelines – Changing daily specials promotions and item pricing can all be done digitally, easily and instantly. Different items – like breakfast and lunch specials – can be scheduled for the appropriate times.

Suggestive selling – Always up-sell for sides and combos with digital screens that can be scheduled to run whilst people wait for an order,

Impulse ordering – New or under-performing items can be aggressively promoted with mouth-watering visuals that prompt people to order, even when they weren’t planning to.

Interactive – In many sectors, digital interactivity has become an important tool. Restaurants for example, are using touch displays to let guests sort through menus and wine lists while they wait for tables – helping them to forget about any additional wait times they may be experiencing.

About Digital Signage Screens

About Digital Signage Screens

  • Basic template built into their System on Chip (SoC)
  • Displays featuring SoC can be used in conjunction with 3rd party Cloud based platforms
About Cloud Based Digital Signage Solutions

About Cloud Based Digital Signage Solutions

  • No need for multiple modules to be purchased and setup before you can
  • With Cloud solutions all you require is a web browser and your choice of digital signage player or Smart Signage Displays and you’re good to go.
  • Can update content away from the office.

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