GoBright workplace solutions

Integrate your entire workplace with GoBright. It's time to embrace hybrid working from room and desk booking through to visitor management, wayfinding, and digital signage.

Why organisations choose GoBright

Increase productivity

Say goodbye to double bookings, no-shows and interruptions during meetings. Say hello to increased productivity and efficiency.

Easy to manage

Make a booking from the user friendly, easy to use control panels or directly from your favourite calendar software.

Clear usage analytics

Manage your rooms efficiently and empower facility managers to understand the true usage of company assets.

Technology in the workplace

Take your technology beyond the meeting space

As organisations adapt their spaces to promote hybrid working, people generally think of video conferencing as the first point of call.

Although video conferencing 100% plays a part in the workplace, many other technologies can help drive successful collaboration and business continuity.

Working from anywhere is about maximising and planning your spaces. With the increasing adoption of tools such as occupancy sensors, desk booking and analytics, you can achieve just that.

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GoBright room booking systems

Room Booking Systems

GoBright room booking systems give users the flexibility to book, amend or cancel booked meeting spaces, no matter where they are!

Manage your bookings through your favourite calendar software, and full visibility of the room status will be available to all. No more double bookings, no more uncertainty of meeting locations. Just meetings that run to schedule.

Room analytics provide Facilities Managers with information about how and when their meeting space is being utilised to optimise the available office space and effectively manage their budgets.

Desk booking from GoBright

Desk Booking Systems

As the adoption of hybrid working increases, it's important to ensure colleagues can book spaces when they need them.

With GoBright desk booking solutions, desks can be booked to suit your users' requirements. Once booked, simply login to the desk by swiping your card or fob, and the desk status will update, and can even provide desks that auto-adjust to your users' preferred height!

Facilities Managers can monitor usage and plan more accurately for the space they need, so their budget goes further. It’s easy to plan and manage hundreds of desks in multiple locations. The Go Bright platform gives you all of this and more.

Wayfinding solutions by GoBright

Digital Wayfinding

Easily find meeting room or desk locations with GoBright Wayfinding. See each room's status and give employees and visitors a complete overview of availability within the building.

If you are located in a larger estate, digital wayfinding is a great way to get your visitors to the right place, meaning they can start meetings or start working on their tasks without the hassle of needing to find the location themselves.

Visitor management systems by GoBright

Visitor Sign-in Systems

The GoBright visitor sign-in system is a GDPR compliant, self-check-in solution. The system prints off a badge so visitors can gain access to the building, and it automatically sends an SMS and email to their host to let them know they’ve arrived.

The system can also give your visitor directions to their meeting room to ensure they arrive on time, creating a professional and seamless experience for your guests.

Are you ready to implement GoBright into your spaces? Contact our experts to find out how we can help.