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Barco's ClickShare is the ideal solution for wireless presentation from your laptop or mobile device onto a main presentation screen. No hassle. No messy cables. Just quick, confident sharing.

ClickShare is highly intuitive – Whether you've a Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone, Just click and share, no matter what device you are using.

Connect the button to share from your laptop or share via the desktop App. For mobile devices use the free ClickShare app, available for Android and iOS.

Enjoy the same simple collaboration experience as you share ideas and content securely from any device in any meeting room environment.

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Why choose ClickShare?

With ClickShare

With ClickShare

  • Share your way - Connect via the ClickShare Button or App
  • Same user experience - Seamless user experience across every meeting room
  • Creative collaboration for ALL - The most comprehensive range of sharing technologies on the market
  • IT Friendly - Seamlessly integrates with existing network and IT infrastructure
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