National Automotive Innovation Centre encourage collaboration through technology

National Automotive Innovation Centre Audio Visual Case Study
Pure Audio Visual has worked with WMG for over 15 years. As a valued partner they ensure that we receive professional advice throughout the duration of our projects and provide seamless integration, and support at every stage of our technically challenging AV solutions.

- Mike Hundal, Head of IT, WMG - University of Warwick

The National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC), is a partnership between WMG, at the University of Warwick, Jaguar Land Rover, and Tata Motors UK. It is the largest research centre of its kind in Europe, with 33,000m2 space dedicated to the future of mobility.

A building to encourage collaboration, Pure AV were tasked to deliver boardroom and meeting spaces equipped to match the forward-thinking philosophy of the partners within the Centre. The project required the full design, install and support of audiovisual systems for three boardrooms, a reception area, workshop meeting spaces, and video-enabled meeting rooms.


The Solution

In the reception area, visitors are greeted by an impressive 6x2 video wall. Designed to offer flexible content delivery, the system utilises a Datapath processor and can be used to display three 4K images side by side or one large custom piece of content across all screens. The use of pre-sets accessed via a 7” touch panel for control enables ease of use.

Meeting spaces within the building offer a mix of free-flowing work areas with workbenches, classroom seating and traditional room layouts. Large screen 49” Sony displays are wall-mounted in each of the meeting areas with a 7” Extron control panel positioned alongside the screen. Room users can choose to connect via HDMI or wirelessly, using either Miracast or Barco wePresent to share content.

There are also multiple video-enabled meeting rooms throughout the building. In these areas, room users can run their preferred video collaboration platform from their laptop and connect via an Extron MediaPort to access the in-room camera, ceiling-mounted microphones and speakers. This approach provides staff with a consistent audio and video call experience, whether working from a desktop environment or within a 12-16 person meeting space.

Within the meeting rooms, a 7” desk mounted Extron panel offers simple user control, and the use of PIR sensors enables the system to autostart when the room is entered. Extron Global Viewer is also used throughout the building to allow the remote monitoring, management and control of audiovisual resources.

There are three boardrooms within the building, the most striking of which is the NAIC Boardroom. Situated on the third floor, it is a large, impressive space, fully glazed down one side and shared by all three NAIC partner organisations. Fine pitch LED was selected as the technology best suited to cope with the high levels of natural sunlight in the boardroom and deliver a presentation area of the scale and impact the space demanded. Configured to create a near four-metre-wide screen, Samsung 1.5mm pitch LED panels create a stunning display offering superior image quality.

An Extron TLP Pro 7” touch screen provides a simple method for room users to select their choice of source device and begin sharing content. Wireless connection is accommodated via the Mersive Solstice system, and a resident PC is also available. The user interface is kept simple to enable those using the space to concentrate on the message they are delivering, without worrying about the technology taking it there.

The additional two boardrooms are used by TATA Motors UK and WMG staff respectively. The first, contains dual 75” SMART screens to allow real-time annotation and content sharing. There is an in-room PC and the option for wired and wireless presentation. Video conferencing can be driven via the room users laptop using their preferred collaboration platform or through the use of the PC within the room.

The second boardroom uses a 100” Sony display as the main presentation screen, there is a fixed PC, and consistent with other meeting spaces there is video conferencing capability and the option for wired or wireless laptop connection. The system is controlled via an iPad using the Extron control app. An additional 10” touch panel has been installed on the credenza to ensure continuity in case of network failure.


The Benefits

The consistent user experience within each of the meeting spaces has enabled the smooth introduction and quick adoption of the audiovisual equipment within the building.

The use of Extron Global Viewer has simplified the management and control of the meeting spaces. The IT support staff at NAIC, can proactively monitor the performance of equipment and quickly resolve issues from a centralised location to minimise any downtime or disruption to those using the space.

The NAIC Boardroom has made a significant impression on room users. The stunning visuals created by the Samsung LED, supported by simple management and control, has created a prestigious boardroom environment and a space to reflect the leading-edge status of the partner organisations that meet there.

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